07 January 2011

I am so not ready!

Today was a professional development/work day.  It seems strange that we just got back from Christmas break and the kids already get a day out, but the semester didn't end until yesterday.  For grades K-8, it isn't a big deal because they have the same students all year, but at the high school we're on a block schedule, so we will get a brand new group of kids Monday.  Last year, our PD/work day was the Monday after Christmas break, but that didn't help us at the high school at all.  Sure we could make copies and do all that stuff, but it sure made it hectic to not have a day in between the two semesters.

The grading program we have is called iNow (Information Now), but it gets called iNot or iNever (or other things that aren't blog friendly) more often than it gets called iNow.  This is the second year the state has used this program, and I HATE it.  I'm glad we weren't one of the systems that piloted it last year.  Two years into the system, and they still don't have all the bugs worked out.  We run into glitches on a regular basis, and today was no exception.  The old program we used, called STI, had it problems, but I would take it over iNow any day!

Once I finally got my grades entered and printed out my gradebook and verification sheets and turned them in, Kristen and I went to grab a bite for lunch, and then I came back and made copies.  I think I have everything copied, but if I don't, I don't think it is anything that I couldn't get done Monday morning.  The one thing I did that made me growl was to forget to print one handout front and back, so now I have to staple them.  grrrrrr!!!

My room is a total wreck, and THAT makes me nuts.  I finally just left work about 4:30, but I'm thinking about going to the school for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon to get it in shape.  (And to staple those pages!)  IF there isn't wintry precipitation that keeps me stuck at the house...

I'm going to have an intern this semester!  I'm really excited, but I'm nervous, too.  I haven't had an intern since I've been back in the general ed classroom, and I am TERRIFIED of doing a horrible job!  I'm going tomorrow to get some "teacher stuff" and put together a goodie basket for her.  It certainly isn't that I mind her using my stuff, but I just want to do something to welcome her.  And besides, many college students don't have the extra money to go out and buy staplers, scissors, pens, notepads, Post-It notes...Plus, it will be fun to get stuff for her!

I guess that's it for today.  Have a GREAT day!



I decided not to staple my stuff and just let the kids punch holes in them. I did get my room straight...since I have more kids than desks...but did not clean like I had planned. I finally just gave out of steam. Have a wonderful weekend my friend and I will see you on Monday...barring white precipitation.

Ms. Marty said...

Sure hope the wintery stuff misses us, but from all "computer models" that doesn't look like it will. Just so we don'ty lose electricity. We have NO back-up whatsoever. Total electric is great except in times like this.

Hope this term is a good one.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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