13 July 2010

What is WRONG with people?????

Within just minutes of turning on the Today Show this morning, I heard three stories that just really disturbed me.  This wasn't the first I had heard of these stories, but the fact that there were three of them almost back to back got me to thinking.  If there had been only one of the stories reported, I might not have felt compelled to blog about it.

First of all, they were interviewing the family of four-year-old Alisa Maier who had been kidnapped but found and returned.  Then they went to the story of Kyron Horman, missing for over a month.  And finally, it was the Mel Gibson deal.  All of these stories disturbed me.

Thankfully, little Alisa seemingly is fine, but who knows what COULD have happened?  What kind of person takes an innocent child?  Cuts her hair so she looks like a boy?  Then, when he is about to be caught, commits suicide?  Makes me wonder what secrets he has carried to his grave.  Oh yeah...they said they think he may have murdered someone.

In the Kyron Horman case, he is still missing.  His stepmother is reportedly the last to have seen him alive.  Apparently, she had hired (or tried to hire) the landscaper to kill her husband, and now it is being reported that she has been sexting HER HUSBAND'S FRIEND.  Her husband has taken their 18-month-old daughter, filed for divorce, and filed a restraining order.  It is obvious that this woman has some problems!  First of all, if you aren't happy in your marriage, LEAVE.  Don't have a sexual relationship with one of your husband's friends and certainly don't try to off him.  (Sexting or having a physical affair...in my book, both are cheating.)  Secondly, biological child or stepchild, you don't EVER intentionally put that child into any kind of physical danger or cause any mental or emotional stress.

Then, ole Mel.  I have always been a Mel Gibson fan...he seemed to be an awesome husband and father and I was crushed to learn he and his wife were divorcing, he was a fantastic actor and director...but lately I'm having to rethink this.  I honestly have to wonder what has happened.  Has he always been the Mel Gibson we're hearing on the tapes but he kept that person hidden, or has he flipped?  Just for the record, I've always thought that the girlfriend was a gold digger from day one, but this is the mother of his child.  The only thing that is happening here is that he is destroying his relationship with his child.  Even though I think Oksana is a gold digger, if I were her, NO WAY would I allow him to have anything to do with my child.  Mel needs some counseling or something.

Because I was washing dishes and making breakfast when all of this was on, I did check out the news sites to make sure I didn't hear something wrong.  In the process of doing that, I found a article on msnbc.com about a mother who has been jailed for HAVING SEX with her 14 year old son.  She gave him up for adoption when he was only a few days old, but she then found him.  Instead of having the feelings a mother would have for a son, when she met him, she had the feelings that a girlfriend has for a boyfriend.  THAT.  IS.  SICK.  Some things you just don't do with or to your child, and having sex is one of them.  He is now 16.  The article didn't say how long the "relationship" lasted.

Is this a picture of what our society is becoming?  What is the world going to be like when Sam and my future grandchildren are adults?  What about their children and grandchildren?  Y'all this worries me.  It concerns me.  It scares me.  But what do we do with these sickos?  I wish we could send them all out to a deserted island with no food, no water, no anything.  Let them fend for themselves. 

OK...I need to put on some happy, upbeat music and get this out of my mind.  I've got way too much to be happy about this week. 

I hope you have a GREAT day!



I agree girlfriend. What is this world coming too. There are a lot of sickos out there and it is sad that children seem to be their prey. Hope the wedding goes off well. I expect to see pictures and lots of them.

Debbie said...

I feel so sorry for the family of the little boy who was probably taken by his stepmother. I pray he is found alive.
I hadn't heard about the little girl.
Mel Gibson is a pig. Enough said.
That mom having sex with her son made my physically ill when I read about it.
Makes you want to barricade yourself in the house!

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