30 July 2010

I think he knows I'm about to leave him

For the last few days, he's been very "clingy" toward me.  He's always been one to want to sit next to me and to snuggle, but lately I can't even walk into another room without him following me.  In bed, he is lying so close to me that I can barely roll over.  It's like he knows that something is up.  I would try to explain, but he just wouldn't understand.  It isn't that I don't love him.  I do...with ALL my heart, but this is something I have to do for me.  For us.  I have to go.

WHAT?  NO, I am not talking about leaving John.  I'm talking about Bama.  I swear he knows that my summer is almost up and that I'll be going back to work next week.  Seriously.  I sit for two minutes and he is in my lap.  I walk to the kitchen and he follows.  I fold clothes, and he lies in the floor staring up at me with the saddest of faces.  He has always been a "momma's boy" but goodness...lately it is like he is glued to me. 

Ali, on the other hand, doesn't care.  As long as she has a soft place to lay and a blanket to curl up in, she's good.  If John and I ever had to give them away (NOT gonna happen!), Bama would grieve.  Ali would adjust.  In minutes.

I need to make sure that there are plenty of special  treats for them.  We give them "biscuits" for regular treats, but they get "bacon" for special treats...when we're about to leave for a few hours or after they get a bath.

I know that after a few days, Bama will be back in his routine, but those first few days kill me because he always looks sooooo sad standing at the puppy gate, watching me leave.  Then again, I get such an enthusiastic greeting when I get home.  :)

Now, I need to go put laundry into the dryer.  If I can get Bama out of my lap, that is. hahaha

Have a GREAT day!

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When I read the title I was a bit shaken....so I had to read this just to make sure you weren't talking about John. Beau is doing the same thing. Everytime I sit down...he is right next to me and follows me all over the house. I came into my office room to read my blogs and he is actually sitting across my feet.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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