11 July 2010

It's wedding week!

This time next week, Lance and Jessi will be an old married couple happily married newlyweds and on their way to the lake with me Cancun for a wonderfully relaxing honeymoon.  Please pray that they have a safe trip there and back and that the weather is perfect.  Jessi has never flown, so that will be an experience for her.

I think she has most everything taken care of, so maybe this week won't be extremely hectic for her.  Of course, she knows that if there is anything that needs doing, all she has to do is call and I'll be on it.  I'm planning on staying at the lake until Wednesday, but if she were to call right now and tell me she needed me to do something for her first thing in the morning, I'd be there.  Some things are more important than hanging out at the lake. 

She is going to be one of the most beautiful brides ever.  (I can't say she is THE most beautiful bride ever because Katy was absolutely gorgeous as a bride herself.)  Kay, Lance's mom, and I met Jess at the bridal shop the day she went for her final fitting.  When she came out of the changing room, I teared up.  (She said she told Lance she knew I'd cry.  She knows me pretty well.  LOL  I will seriously need a handkerchief for the day of the wedding.)  Her dress is gorgeous, and the style "fits" her perfectly.  And the dress FITS her perfectly.  Honestly, she could model for a bridal designer.

Lance will be an extremely gorgeous groom as well.  (Again, I can't say his will be THE most gorgeous groom because Phillip was quite gorgeous on his wedding day.)  I know he's really looking forward to wearing a tux.  LOL  Jessi has told him that as soon as the wedding is over, he can put on his Teva's.  He'll be stylin' in a tux and Teva's at the reception. 

I ended up having to buy a second dress because when I took my first dress to be altered, the seamstress snipped a tiny hole in it.  I took it back, and he fixed it.  It is barely noticeable, but I still know it's there, and I'm not wearing it.  Not for the wedding anyway, but it's one I can wear elsewhere.  The dress I ended up getting is very simple.  It isn't "mother of the bride" at all (and there is a whole long story about that, but we're not going there.)  This is a dress I can wear to work, to church, to anywhere, yet it is very classy.  And classic. 

John's tux will be ready to be picked up Thursday afternoon.  At first, Jessi wanted him to wear just a suit, but she messaged me one day and asked if her daddy would be okay with wearing a tux.  I told her he absolutely would be okay with wearing a tux if that is what she wanted him to do.  He would wear a pink bunny suit (think A Christmas Story) if that is what she wanted him to wear.  He will look so handsome as he walks her down the aisle.  He has no qualms whatsoever about "giving" Jessi's hand to Lance in marriage.

John and I are so very happy for Jess and Lance.  He adores her and would walk to the ends of the earth for her, barefoot and through fire if necessary.  He will protect her and do everything within his power to see that she is happy and well taken care of.  What else could parents ask for their daughter's mate?  Wayne and Kay are crazy about her as well, and that makes us feel good as well.  I have several friends who do not have good relationships with their in-laws.  I can't imagine being in a relationship where my in-laws didn't like me.  Thank God my father-in-law and my mother-in-law accepted me as a daughter and didn't see me just as their son's wife.

To Lance and Jessi...May God bless your life with much happiness and joy.  May your days be filled with sunshine.  And not that I'm rushing you, but I can't wait for the phone call saying we're going to be grandparents again.  LOL  Your daddy and I love both of you so very much, and we are so very happy for you!  Congratulations and best wishes!

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How fun. I know you all will have a great time at this wedding. Have fun at the lake...our days are dwindling. See you soon. Kat, Mary, Mandy(Kat's friend)and I are going to Michigan on Sunday...will be back on Friday.

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