18 July 2010

What a beautiful bride!

Jessi and Lance's day was perfect from beginning to end.  The only "cloud" on the day was the very brief rain shower.  Right after she came down the aisle, it rained for just a few minutes, and then right after the ceremony was over and everyone was standing outside congratulating the happy couple, it rained again, just a little harder, so everyone ran for cover.  Once the rain was over, the party began and lasted until about 11:00.

Here are a few pictures from the big day.

Rehearsal on Friday afternoon...short and sweet!

This is a fountain on the grounds of The Greystone Mansion in Auburn, AL.  The home was built in 1892 and is gorgeous!

Making herself even more beautiful.  She was the calmest bride I have EVER been around.  No worries, no concerns.  About 30 minutes before the ceremony, she began to show some signs of antsiness, but it was just because she was ready to get the show started.

Her dress was AMAZING!  I looked as if it had been specially designed just for her.  No other bride could make it look so good.

A picture says a thousand words...

Oh, to be as young and beautiful (and thin) as Jessi...

Jessi's flower girl Bailey.  She is so cute!  She provided the laughter.  She got about half way down the aisle before she turned, yelled "I want Mommy!" and ran back down the aisle.  She probably had more fun dancing afterwards than anybody.

The back of the dress

All of the flowers were done by Jess's friend Alison.  They were awesome!  She worked herself to death all day long.

The bridal bouquet...stunning!

Molly, Jessi, and Katy...three very beautiful sisters.

This may sound conceited, but I am quite proud of this picture.

Molly and Katy, the gorgeous bridesmaids

Father of the bride...He looked so very handsome in his tux, but it almost took the National Guard to get him in it and then to keep him in it until pictures were over.  In his defense, the humidity was stifling!  Of course, he was making a goofy face, and this is the ONLY picture I got of him all day.  Thankfully, the official photographer will have some. 

I.  LOVE.  THIS.  PICTURE.  Again, it may sound conceited, but dang, I think I did a good job on this one.  Then again, it isn't hard to take a good picture when the subject is so beautiful.

This is Lance's nephew Eli.  He was the most handsome ring bearer.  You gotta be quick to get his picture, though.  LOL  He is really a cutie pie.  I could just eat him up.

Another picture I just love!  They did the "traditional" groom doesn't see the bride before she walks down the aisle, so this was the only physical contact they had all day long.  Look at their faces...you can just see the excitement and anticipation in their eyes and their smiles. 

I didn't get any pictures after the ceremony.  My brain was bouncing all over the place, and I didn't even think about going back up to the bride's room to get my camera.  The reception was wonderful, and the pahhhhty (said in a deep Southern dialect) afterward was a blast.  The happy couple are in Cancun, hopefully relaxing and enjoying their first day as Mr. and Mrs. 

Like I said, the day could not have been any more perfect.  Lance and Jessi were surrounded by family and friends who love them and will support them throughout their lives together.  John and I are so happy to welcome Lance to our family.

I hope the week ahead is filled with nothing but HAPPINESS and LOVE for you!


tammy said...

Beautiful! I love a wedding.

Coffeypot said...

Looks like the perfect day for a wedding.

Trina said...

Thanks, y'all! It was a perfect day, and they are the perfect couple.

danapate said...

wow...awesome pics. thanks for sharing. so glad the wedding was wonderful for them. flowers and girls were gorgeous. and what an awesome day to get married...i know another lovley couple that married on July 17th, oh lets say, 11 years ago...ME AND MY HUNEYBUN!

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