25 July 2010

Like father, like daughter

Notice any similarities?  Goofy daddy has rubbed off on goofy daughter.  (You might need to click on the picture of John to see that he is sticking his tongue out almost exactly like Jess is.  His mouth is just open more.) Goofiness abounds in our family, and that's why I love them.  When John and I told Katy and Jessi we were getting married, one of the first things Jessi (who was almost 9 at the time) said was, "We've got to weirden you up."  I think I have weirdened up over the years.  LOL

It amazes me how much like their daddy Katy and Jessi both are.  Katy is just like her daddy in that they both do all they can to avoid conflict.  I really hadn't thought that much about it until recently.  Phillip and I were talking, and he said that he sees that same trait in both of them.  I have to agree.  Jessi is just like her daddy in that they both let things just kind of roll off them without worrying about whatever it is too much, and she has her daddy's goofy sense of humor.  Katy has a great sense of humor too, but she is just a much more serious-minded individual.

Jess brought the similar pictures to my attention.  Of course the one of John was taken the day of the wedding, but the one of Jess was taken when she had her bridal portraits done.  I hadn't realized that they were so similar until she made a comment about the picture of John on facebook.  She said she thought that one of her bridal portraits was just like that picture of her daddy.  Since I have her disk of bridal portraits on my computer, I knew I had to do a post about it.  I think it's just too funny. :)

Gotta get myself ready for "work" tomorrow.  We have orientation for seniors, and since I'll have a senior advisement, I have to be there.  Ho hum...back to reality.

Have a GREAT week!



I love the pictures. How cute they both are. I have orientation in the morning (Tuesday)...and will have to be in Alex City three days this week. Sigh...the end is near. I do have to be honest. I miss you all like mad and can't wait to see you again.

♥Georgie♥ said...


I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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