29 July 2010

And my style is...

Your style is Rustic Charm

Country, handmade and cozy, featuring one-of-a-kind finds. Carefree mix of the new and old. Lived-in look. Country and Rustic describe my home.

I was playing around on the 'net and wound up on HGTV's site because I'm trying to decide how I want to redo our bedroom whenever I eventually get around to it.  I ran across a quiz on decorating style.  I love doing quizzes, so I figured I take this one to see what my style ended up being.  I had to select pictures for various scenarios...which room would I most likely unwind, what room would be where I would throw a dinner party, which room would I sleep best in, etc.
Based on my selections, I have a rustic charm style.  That is SO me!  I want my home to have a comfortable, lived-in look.  I want people to feel like they can come in, kick their shoes off, and put their feet up on the furniture.  I love finding those "odd" pieces and trying to make them work with a new piece.
Some quizzes I've taken have made me laugh because I feel that the answers were WAY off, but not this one.  Now, I just need to find that perfect look for the bedroom.  :)

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