27 July 2010

Things she'll never do

A few weeks back, I posted on my other blog about a friend of mine who had lost her daughter.  Karen and I were colleagues several years ago when Kara was just a tiny thing.  Once Karen remarried, they moved to Clay Co., and she got a job teaching there.  (It was a definite loss for our school, and a definite gain for theirs because she is an AWESOME teacher!)  She and I were never close friends, so we didn't stay in close contact, but whenever we'd run into each other, we'd spend several minutes catching up.  Even still, hearing of her loss broke my heart.

Kara lost her battle with CF while awaiting a double-lung transplant.  (I think that is correct.  I've heard a couple of different things, but someone who is very reliable told me that.)  Anyway, with all of the excitement of Jessi's wedding, it made me stop and think about how very fortunate/lucky/blessed I am because there are so many things that Karen will never get to do.

For example, she will never
  • hear Kara say, "Mom, he is THE one."
  • be able to ooh and ahh and gush over Kara's engagement ring.
  • help her choose her wedding dress and make wedding plans.
  • see Kara walk down the aisle as her baby girl.
  • see Kara walk back down the aisle as a beautiful new wife.
  • hear Kara say the words "You're going to be a grandmother!"
  • hold her baby girl's baby.
  • cry with her when that baby begins school.
  • SO many other things...
Yes, Karen has other children.  She has two boys, but their is just something special about a daughter.

Now, on the other hand, Karen is able to sleep at night because she knows
  • Kara is praising her GOD each and every second!
  • Kara is rejoicing with her loved ones who have gone before.
  • Kara no longer struggles with a body that isn't perfect.
  • she will see Kara again someday and that reunion will be so very precious.
A scholarship fund has been set up for nursing students at Central Alabama Community College in Kara's memory.  Karen is working to get T-shirts made up with "In It to Win It"---Kara's motto---on them.  She was in it to win it, and while she may have lost her earthly life, she has won so much more!  I think I'm going to order a shirt!

Have a GREAT day!



I borrowed most of your post and used it today. It was so powerful that I wanted to share it with my readers. I hope you don't mind. I cried when I read it.

♥Georgie♥ said...

I am in tears...powerful post Trina!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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