17 March 2010


The water pipes are fixed and there are no leaks. For now. The way we redid the pipes last year made it a WHOLE lot easier to make repairs this year, but it still was an all day job. The only reason it was an all day job was because it took three trips to the hardware store.

John and I both went this morning because we had to have the gas tank refilled, and even though I'm, like, super duper strong I couldn't load and unload the tank by myself. (Stop laughing...you don't know how strong I really am. OK, OK...laugh. It IS a 100 pound tank though.) Anyway, we got back and within maybe 30 minutes, we had the repair made. I turned on the water, and all seemed fine except that no water was getting inside the trailer. The pipes that were buried and that we didn't replace last spring had burst. Trip 2 to William's for 50 feet of 3/4" CPVC and fittings. Replacing that took maybe another 30 minutes. I eased the water on again only to hear John yell for me to turn it off. We both had brain farts because we didn't think about the buried pipe we replaced needing to be capped off, so water was rushing out from that. Trip 3 to the hardware store for a 3/4" PVC cap. (Yeah, I'm fairly certain I could do this myself if necessary.) Got that fixed in minutes, and I turned the water on yet again. "Turn it off!" was John's response. One more repair had to be made, but because we'd picked up extras of most of the fittings, I didn't have to make a 4th trip to the store. Yea!!! So the entire repair job took maybe a couple of hours, but because I had to make two extra trips to the store, it ended up being an all day job. That's one of the disadvantages of being out in the boonies. (Next year, John is getting a gift card to William's Hardware for plumbing supplies, and before we come out here, we're buying everything we might possibly need for repairs. LOL)

It takes about ten minutes to get to DJs, the nearest store, but they don't have a huge selection of plumbing materials, so we usually go to William's Hardware in Arley, and they're about 20 minutes away. By the time we go, shop, and get back, it's taken an hour. The third trip I made today was to DJs, but then I had to go to another store since DJs didn't have the PVC cap.

We've decided that no work will be done unless absolutely necessary the rest of the week. It's supposed to warm up by Friday, so maybe we can get out and enjoy ourselves. I have some elephant ears I'd like to plant. I got some more of the small bulbs to put out front, but I found three of the HUGE bulbs that I want to put in the back. I hope they end up being BIG ears.

John grilled pork chops for dinner...YUM! Dishes are done, and now we're gonna sit and relax.

Hope y'all have a GREAT day tomorrow. We will. =)

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