16 March 2010

Happy girl =)

We got to the lake only to find that one area of the water pipes have burst, so that's kind of a bummer, but HOPEFULLY it won't take long to fix in the morning. (Thank goodness we have plenty of water for brushing teeth and all that kind of good stuff.)

The good thing, though, is that we have INTERNET at the lake! Woo Hoo!! It took about three minutes to activate the service, and so far, broadband over power lines service is working pretty well. So I'm a happy camper. It will really be nice to have internet when I'm out here this summer by myself.

That's all...just wanted to share. =) Have a GREAT day tomorrow. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun. ha


Tracy said...

Shoot yeah, who needs water when you got the internet! LOL ....
Seriously though, hope it isn't a major pain getting the water fixxed, have a great time.


Woo Hooo internet. Glad you guys are there...and hope you have a wonderful time. See you on Monday!

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