18 March 2010

ummm...oh, yes...ahhhh...soooo good...

Oh. My. Gosh! I am in HEAVEN. Nothing could ever be so good. Yes, yes, yes!!!!

Hey...GET. YOUR. MIND. OUT. OF. THE. GUTTER. I am talking about the hot wings my fantabulous hubby made us for dinner. They were SOOOOO good. His "secret" is John Boy & Billy's Grilling Sauce. He fries the wings up nice and crispy and then tosses them in JB&B sauce. I honestly can say that I'd rather have his wings than any restaurant wings out there.

We've had such a relaxing day. Danny & Linda are in the process of building their house out here so we heard Marty and his crew this morning before we ever got out of bed. I was already awake, but it was so cold, I wasn't moving. LOL Right now, Marty is just getting the trees that have to come down out of the way, and then he'll start with the footing. We told Danny & Linda that we were going to let them figure out all of the problems before we built so we can learn from them. So far, we know FEMA can be a huge pain.

Danny, Linda, Mike, and Audrey came out for a while to see what had been done. After they left, John and I decided to try to fish. I caught two crappie. One was a keeper; one wasn't. John caught a nice bass and a small bream. We ended up tossing the keepers back. After dinner, John decided to fish a bit more, but it had cooled down enough that he wasn't having any luck, so he didn't fish long. Now, we're just sitting here relaxing.

Tomorrow should be another fairly nice, relaxing day. I had planned on planting my elephant ears today, but I didn't, so I will probably do that tomorrow. Ron, Cindy, and the boys are down here, so we're hoping to see them for a bit tomorrow afternoon.

I guess that's about it for today's update. =) I'll probably be calling it a night soon. The weird dreams have kept me from sleeping well the last couple of nights. Hope you have a GREAT day tomorrow!



I am glad your day was so spectacular. I personally...can't wait to get back to school. I have hung around my house til I am stir crazy....but I won't ruin your good time. Frank has to work all weekend...so I will be on my own again....sigh!

Anonymous said...

My family are Hot Wing connesseurs (spelling). When's he making the next batch? Can you put enough in the pot for us?

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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