11 March 2010

New schedule for 2010-2011

Mr. Reyes, our principal, held a meeting yesterday for anyone who was interested in the new daily schedule for next year. Naturally, I was interested. When we got the email about the meeting, I immediately pulled out my calendar to see if I had anything to do. My best guess would be that maybe half of the faculty was there. The spring-sport coaches weren't there, and about four others that I know of already had appointments scheduled.

We all had an idea of what the schedule would be. The talk has been floating around for a few months, but now it is official. We will be going to a 5 period day. Classes will be 78 minutes long, and most all classes will still be only one semester. AP classes will meet daily for the entire year, and there will be some classes that are nine-week classes. So in four years, a student could technically earn 40 credits, but only 28 credits are required for our system. (The state minimum is 24.) Unless there are circumstances that warrant it, students will be allowed to take only two core classes per semester, so we're going to have to add some elective courses. That is something that has been needed for a while, anyway. If students have all of their required courses by their senior year, they can do an early release. Right now, we won't have any who will graduate early, but Mr. Reyes says that he truly is not against that idea for the future. My opinion is that if a student is capable of completing his/her diploma requirements by Christmas of their senior year and wants to do that, why not allow them to graduate early and begin their college careers?

Honestly, I'm looking forward to the change. We've been on a four-block, 96 minute schedule for about 15 years. While that schedule is really good for some students, it doesn't work for all. I have almost all of the senior students with IEPs in my English 12 classes. For many of them, 96 minute is just a little long. Heck, for me 96 minutes can be just a little long if I'm not interested in the material! And think back to when you were in school. Did EVERYTHING you did EVERY SINGLE DAY keep you fully engaged? I know there were days when I was bored, and we were in class for only about 50 minutes per period. It does mean that the "fluff" will have to be cut out, but that's okay by me, too. Sometimes I think there is too much "fluff."

Tomorrow is my last day of bus duty until May. I almost wish I could swap with someone and get mine over the week after we come back from break, but as tired as I am right now, I don't think I need another week of getting up at 4:45 so soon.

And speaking of tired...I'm wiped out, so this gal is heading to bed.

Have a GREAT Friday!

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