07 March 2010

When pigs fly

Are these not the cutest pieces of yard art? John and I were on our way to Sam's birthday party yesterday when we passed a little shop in Chelsea with all of this kind of stuff out front. He saw the rooster, so on our way back by, we stopped to look. We ended up getting the rooster and the flying pig. Too cute, I think! Of course, I love things that are rustic. These will be living at the lake.

We have had such a great weekend! It all got started on Friday night with dinner at Cocina Superior with Susan, Tim, Amy, and Stephen. Tim's birthday was Saturday, we decided we needed to celebrate. John and I then spent the night at Susan and Tim's because Sam's party was at 10 AM Saturday.

We are so lucky to have Susan & Tim as friends. They aren't just friends...they have become family. Tim was an only child, but he has said that John is as close to him as a brother, and I know John feels the same way about him. And I feel as if Susan is a sister. It is really interesting at the number of times our paths crossed throughout our lives. Piano recitals when we were 9 (her aunt was the teacher), I had her uncle for a teacher in high school, her dad performed a wedding I was in...and the list goes on. She and I were meant to be friends.

Amy & Susan

Susan & me

John & Tim

On Saturday, we got up and relaxed for a while before heading to Mike and Darlene's for Sam's 2nd birthday. It's hard to believe the little man will be 2 on Wednesday! He is such a cutie, and his independence is beginning to blossom. I told Jessi that he is already beginning to develop his selective hearing. She said, "Yeah, it's a Vest thing." And she is so very correct about that! LOL Sam's Poppa John has a terrific case of selective hearing. hahaha

Sam got TONS of toys and new clothes. Katy and Phillip are going to have to buy a bigger house just for his stuff.

Mommy, Daddy, & the birthday boy

Sam loves him some cake. :)

Poppa John & Grana gave him a classic Radio Flyer tricycle.

My beautiful, beautiful family. God blessed me so much, and I thank Him each and every day for the joy and love that these six people bring to my life.

The older I get, the more I realize how precious family and friends are, and the more I realize that life is much too short. Too many times we've been too busy, too tired, too broke...whatever...to get together and make memories. Life doesn't have to be filled with WOW moments. Sure, those are nice, but so is sitting on the porch, relaxing and enjoying each other's company.
Some of my best memories from my childhood revolve around sitting on Grannie's porch or MaMaw's porch listening to the adults talk while I played in the yard. What I wouldn't give to have one more opportunity to do that again.
I hope you have a GREAT Sunday and a GREAT week!


Tracy said...

You are so right, usually it's the most simple times we remember most. As a child I remember friend's of my grandparents coming to visit for the weekends, how we'd sit around and talk, adults would play cards. Something how these days people just don't have time for that sort of thing.
Yesterday evening/last night Molly and I went to my great aunts house and visited with her and her daughter and granddaughters in from Georgia, I tell you just sitting around the living room talking was the most fun. I had a blast. :)

lifeshighway said...

I love the adorable pig and chicken. Take a picture sometime when they are in their permanent home.

♥Trina♥ said...

That's exactly what I mean, Tracy! We all get so busy these days that we don't have time for just sitting around talking. In leading into one of the stories we were about to read, I asked my juniors the other day how many of them sit down regularly with their families for meals. No one raised a hand. So I asked how many of them did 3 or 4 nights a week. A couple raised their hands. At 1 or 2 nights a week, about 4 did. Between ball, dance, band, etc., nobody has time. I think it's sad.

tammy said...

What a cute little birthday boy! And I love the yard art. I think I would've had to stop and buy some too.


Love the yard art...especially the flying pig. Thanks for the encouragement today. I started out...like old KK...ended the day like sad KK. Came home and am going to hole up in the house and try it again tomorrow. Thanks for being such a good friend.

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