20 March 2010

I can't believe this week is over

Why is it that a week at work draaaaagggggsssss on forever, but a week off seems to FLY by? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was walking out of BRHS for a week off, and now I'll be walking back IN in less than 36 hours.

I didn't paint the bedroom like I'd planned, but that's okay. If I'd gotten started last Saturday, I probably would have been able to get it done, but I just wanted to relax then, and then I just wouldn't have had enough time since we were coming up here to the lake on Tuesday. So, I'll get to that sometime after school it out for the summer.

It has been a really good week, though. We've taken a couple of days to do nothing except take it easy. And the days we "worked" weren't difficult days. Even the plumbing wasn't too bad. =) We've spent time with family and friends who are family to us; we've spent time together; and we've spent some time alone. I think we're both recharged fairly well. Neither of us want to go home, though. If this could just be home. Anybody in Winston Co. need to hire an x-ray tech or a teacher? I know where you can find one of each. LOL

We'll head back southeast tomorrow, and then next weekend we'll do our Groundhog Weekend. Hopefully we'll be back here every weekend once April gets here. Well, except for GW. And I'm not so sure how much longer we'll be staying with Billie because the paperwork for getting her into a nursing home is about to be started. That is NOT going to be a fun process because she still knows enough to know what going to a nursing home entails, but she doesn't realize that she needs more care than what any of us can provide. It's getting harder and harder to see that her needs are being met adequately, and it is quite stressful, especially for Connie. I mean, none of us are trained in any way to care for someone with Alzheimer's, and it does take someone with in depth knowledge to truly know how to handle a person afflicted with this disease.

So I guess that's about it for tonight. And probably for the next few days. By the time we get home tomorrow and I get stuff ready for Monday, I doubt I'll have time to post, and I'll probably be too exhausted to post Monday. So...I hope you all have a GREAT week!

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Even though I did nothing this week...and we did not get to go to Sip and Strokes..I am rested. I did not realize how exhausted I was. I can't wait to get back into the routine tomorrow...I have missed our morning chats...and we will do a sip and strokes before school is out...I promise. See you tomorrow...and hope you get home safely.

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