19 March 2010

Still a happy girl

I think I may be even happier this evening than I was the other day. Today has been absolutely beeeeaaaaauuuuutttttiiiiifffffuuuulllll! John and Tim went fishing, so after they left, I cleaned the trailer and cleaned off the porch. I decided it was probably warm enough to go sit on the swim deck, so I grabbed my book, sunglasses, a drink, the camera, my chair, and a light-weight jacket (just in case) and headed to the water. It was a perfect day! I'd been down there about an hour when Ron, Cindy, and the boys came riding up. John and Tim were fishing in the slough and saw them so they cruised home. Wes and Brooke popped by for a minute, too. After the boaters left, John and Tim decided to ride to DJs to get "minners" so they could fish from Danny's boat slip. I stayed on the swim deck and kept doing what I had been doing.

I spent pretty close to all day enjoying the sunshine. It has been so gloomy around here lately that I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be sunny again. Today proved that the sun still does exist. My face is just a tiny bit red, but that's perfectly okay by me. Just to have "real" sun (as opposed to "fake" tanning bed sun) kissing my skin makes me so happy. (I honestly wonder if I couldn't be slightly affected by seasonal affective disorder because I get so blah during the winter months.)

John grilled burgers for dinner tonight, so between my sun fix, getting to visit with family, and my delicious dinner, I don't think this day could have been much better. Tomorrow should be another good one.

Hope you have a GREAT Saturday!



Sounds like a great day! I enjoyed the sun yesterday and looking forward to it today. Frank has worked all week...and weekend it looks like. I think he will be off on Good Friday. I may decide to take the day myself so we can spend some time together....who knows he may enjoy a day without me. I miss you like mad.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the makings of a perfect day. As you can see I'm waaaaay behind in commenting.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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