16 March 2010


We're going to the lake as soon as John gets home, and I can't wait. I'm like a kid waiting to leave for Christmas. LOL

I had to get up early because Rooms to Go was delivering my ottoman today. The delivery time was between 7 and 11 AM. Since they never show up at the beginning end of the time frame, I was really expecting them closer to 11. Imagine my surprise when they called just after 6 saying they'd be here just before 7. Imagine my disappointment at not being able to sleep late. hahaha BUT I love my ottoman!!!!

Right now, I have two rotten pups snuggled up in my lap, snoozing. I really hate to disturb them, but I'm going to have to in a minute. Even though I've gotten a couple of loads of laundry done, I still need to wash sheets and put them back on the bed so I'll have nice, fresh sheets for Sunday night, and then I need to go to the tanning bed. OK...so I don't NEED to go...I WANT to go. And I'm debating going to get a pedicure. We have a nail place here, but every time I get a pedi there, it never lasts more than a couple of days before polish starts coming off...not chipping but off entire nails. I think somebody does pedicures at the wellness center. I need to call.

Hopefully, I'll be able to be connected at the lake. We got an email saying that everything is good to go with the internet. It's about time...we signed up for this MONTHS ago. I'm interested in seeing how well it works. Because we're in a rural location, we can't get DSL or anything like that, but the electric cooperative has started doing broadband over power lines (BPL). If I update sometime between now and Sunday, you'll know it works. If I don't...well, I'm sure I'll post about that next week. hahahaha

Guess I need to go. Have a GREAT day!


tammy said...

Wow, the lake and new furniture? Could life get any better?

Tracy said...

Have fun at the lake and good luck with the internet.
Things are still the same ole same ole here with us, my kids don't have spring break until April 12th.
We can hardly wait, we've got a camping trip to the river planned.
Y'all have fun and stay safe.

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