13 March 2010

How many pairs of flip flops are TOO many?

This was my housecleaning day for my spring break week. Got it done today, so the rest of the week, I can play. =)

As I was cleaning, I decided I would rearrange my shoe caddy so that my winter shoes were on the bottom and my summer shoes were on top and more accessible. The majority of my summer shoes are either thong-type sandals or flip flops. I have a couple pairs of peep-toe wedge shoes and a pair or two of "regular" sandals. As I was organizing, I counted the number of flip flops I currently have. I was surprised to learn that I have 15 pairs. Some are cutesy (houndstooth, Yellow Box, etc.) and some are "practical" (Crocs, Adidas, etc.) Some of them can be worn with anything from casual dresses/skirts to shorts; some are for comfy shorts only when I'm at the lake or doing stuff in the yard.

And of course, I will be adding to my "collection." Once warm weather gets here, I rarely EVER put my feet into "real" shoes. Since I'm not a "dressy" kind of gal, rarely means maybe four or five times during the summer, and that is usually only on Sundays. The exception is for tennis shoes, but I don't even wear them that often.

So, how many pairs of flip flops are too many? John says two. I don't believe him. LOL


Tracy said...

I don't think you could ever have too many flip flops, gosh I sure love mine and can't wait till it gets a little warmer so I can start wearing them. No telling how many pairs I have either. I'm not a dressy gal either so when it's not flip flop season I can usually be found in my new balance tennis shoes.

♥Trina♥ said...

Tracy, I think we could be sisters! I bought a new pair of flops today. Doubt they will be my last pair of the summer. =)


What? Have too many pairs of flip flops? Not in this lifetime. I live for flip flops...can't wait to start wearing mine on a permanent basis. I just got a new pair too..and am eyeballing another pair. Have fun at the lake.

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