31 August 2010


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Alabama Bloggers is doing the Score For Your Team Football Carnival again this year, and again this year, I'm participating.  So far, I've scored a field goal for Bama by putting the button on my sidebar, and now I'm scoring a TD for posting about my team.  (I'll get to that in just a bit.)  I'll also be scoring an extra point for facebooking about the carnival.  I take my football seriously.  :)

So, I've already posted once this week about this being GAME WEEK, but I can't let my fellow Bama fans down by not participating in this contest.  Plus, I wouldn't mind winning one of the prizes from either Baja Burgers or Taziki's. 

Hmmm...what to blog about?  I could blog about my first ever Bama game.  It was the September 8, 1984 loss to Boston College.  The game was played at Legion Field.  My best friend Debbie and I went with a friend of hers who was a student at Bama.  I remember what I wore (khaki pants, a blue plaid Lee button up shirt, and Payless brand boat shoes.  This was before I became a shoe snob.)  I also remember doing Rammer Jammer and thinking that my mom would be upset if she knew I was saying "we're gonna beat the hell outta you!"  hahaha  Boy, times have changed. 

I could blog about my freshman year at Bama.  I remember watching the amazing come-from-behind win over the Georgia Bulldogs.  Aunnie, Tina, Angeline, and I were watching the game on my 13" TV in my dorm room.  Once the game was over, we hung out the window yelling as loudly as we could.  The band (I was in the colorguard my freshman year) went to Memphis that year.  I remember not feeling so well on that Saturday...  And then, there was THE game.  Yep.  1985.  November 30.  Birmingham, AL.  Van Tiffin.  52 yard field goal.  "And the state of Alabama is Crimson."  I still get chills when I see that replay or hear the radio play-by-play.  Bama went to Hawaii that year for the bowl game.  The band didn't get to go.  My dreams of spending part of my Christmas break were dashed.

I could blog about the 1999 SECCG.   Susan, Tim, John, and I went, and we had a blast.  The beginning of the game wasn't too much fun, but once the Tide starting rolling, we truly enjoyed ourselves.  A young boy, maybe 10, was sitting behind us.  Every time Bama would do something awesome, he'd yell out, "Who's ya daddy?"  For the longest time, that was our "slogan."  Riding the MARTA back to our hotel with all of those depressed Gator fans (in their hideous orange) was something I enjoyed immensely.  I just sat there with a huge smile on my face.

I could blog about the 2000 season when Bama went 3-8, and we sat through rain for what seems like every single game.  That was a looooonnnnngggggg season.

I could blog about the A. MAY. ZING. 2009 season...the domination in the Dome, the two blocked punts by Terrence Cody in the UT game, the comeback in the Auburn game, the domination in the Dome part 2, and turning the Rose Bowl CRIMSON once again.

So many memories.  Not all are happy, but even when Bama was having the worst seasons, I was still there, cheering and pulling for my guys.  I was still wearing my Crimson.  I was still as proud of those teams and players as I am of the ones who are there now.  I will be proud of every team that takes the field in the future.

So, I guess I didn't have a post about anything in particular, just some random memories of my team.  My boys.  My school.  I love Bama football!

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel said...

Great post, and I love your background!!! You've been going to Bama games longer than my husband, and that's saying something!

Thanks for scoring for your team!!

Tracy said...

Roll Tide Roll.......

I really hate we aren't going to the game this weekend. :( We both want to so bad BUT with the closing of our new house coming up very soon we just feel it's best we don't go.
Hope you have a blast Trina (duhhhhh, right, lol) and do lots of hollering for me.


Love your post. I love your spirit...heck I just love you and glad you are my friend. Enjoy the game this weekend.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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