29 August 2010


I have been anxiously awaiting this week since January 7th at approximately 11PM.  It is finally here, and I couldn't be more ready.  About a month ago, I started planning what I was going to wear Saturday.  Of course, I bought a new shirt.  Well, I have actually bought a couple new shirts.  And I'm sure that won't be the end of my shirt buying.  One entire drawer is devoted to my Bama T-shirts.  And it's full.  I should go through it to weed out some of the ones that have gotten awfully ratty.  I can take them to the lake for my work shirts.

The game this week is against San Jose State University.  Because the game is Labor Day weekend, we debated going.  I was going to let John make the final decision, but I really wanted to go.  I kept asking him if we were or we weren't, but he wasn't answering.  Finally, out of the blue when we were at Oskar's one night, he said, "I think I want to go to the game."  His reason was because this is the FIRST game in the new and improved Bryant-Denny Stadium.  This will be the largest crowd ever to see a collegiate football game in the state of Alabama.  He said, "We've got to be a part of this."  And I agree whole-heartedly! 

Not only am I excited about the game, but I'm excited about seeing Janie, Mike, and Wade.  Janie and I always say we're going to get together during the off-season, but we never do.  But we do text off and on.  Way back when, when Bama was going through its difficult years, our seats were moved, and they sat behind us.  Over the years, we developed a friendship, so the beginning of the season is always like a reunion.  Fortunately, when they moved our seats last season, we were still in the same section.  The one thing that was unfortunate is that there are now several rows between us, so we can't hug and high five whenever Bama does something good.

We're meeting Susan and Tim for lunch Saturday.  I can't wait for that, either!  Even though we see each other a lot during the off-season, we get to see each other a lot more during the season.  I love being able to hang out with them in one of my favorite places in the world.  I hope we can do some tailgating this season.  We're planning on having a shrimp boil for the LSU game (or maybe the Tennessee game, depending on Tim's work schedule.)  We're playing Florida this year on Oct. 2...John's birthday...and I'd love to tailgate then.  The last time we played Florida in Tuscaloosa, we dominated them 31-3.  On Oct. 2.  John's 50th birthday.  I'm hoping we'll have a repeat this year.  Of course, Urban Meyer and the Gators will have a huge circle on this game because of the SEC Championship game and Bama's national title.  I know Coach Saban will do his best to make sure our guys are focused and ready!

I guess that's about it.  The pups are READY to GO, so we've got to get everything together and head home.  It's been a typical Hartselle weekend...lots and lots and lots of repetition.  Alzheimer's is not a disease for the impatient.  God has certainly worked on helping me to learn to be a more patient person.  I still have a LONG, LONG way to go!

Have a GREAT week!


Tracy said...

Roll Tide Roll!
We have been debating for the longest about wether we're going to the game or not, I guess we have decided not to go. :( I hate to miss it but with us buying a house I just feel we need to save our money.
Hope y'all have a blast at the game.


I know you guys will have a blast at the first game...and you should always go to the first game...Enjoy yourselves....a ton!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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