25 August 2010

Randomly random ramblings

I need sleep

Yeah, I know I've said that every time I've blogged for the last two and a half weeks, but it's true.  I am sleep deprived.  I'm usually not this tired until the end of the first semester, but at this rate, I'll be beyond tired by the time Christmas rolls around.  Just how tired am I?  Yesterday I got to the school, put my key in the lock, and tried to open the door.  It took me a second to realize that it helps if you TURN the key after you put it in the lock.  Just inserting it won't do the trick.  At lunch I went down to the office to the vending machine to get junk for lunch.  We had stuff here that I could have (and should have) taken, but I just couldn't get up enough energy to pack anything.  I did grab a pack of Pop Tarts, but I left them in the car, and once I realized that, I wasn't going back to the car.  Anyway, I was at the vending machine making my decision.  Karen and I had been talking about  Cheese Curls the day before, so I bought a bag of them, and then I decided to get a Reese's Cup, too.  I put in my 85 cents (dime by dime by dime by dime...'cause I didn't have anything else.)  The Reese's Cups are E-10 in the machine.  Once I got my eight dimes and a nickel in the machine, I pushed the E, and then I pushed the 1.  Just before I pushed the 0 (which doesn't even exist on the machine), a Milky Way fell.  That's when it dawned on me that there is a button with a 10 on it.  Good thing I like Milky Way bars.  It's probably a good thing yesterday was test day, too.  Who knows what goofiness would have come from my brain.

Bunco fun

Even though I was completely wiped out and wanted to do nothing more than crawl in bed, I hadn't gotten a sub for bunco, so I dragged my tired butt to Anne's for the evening.  On the way to meet Pat and Dianne, I realized that I didn't have any money.  Remember I used all my dimes and nickels to buy junk for lunch.  I told Pat I needed to just drive myself so I could run by the bank.  She said she had cash so I could just owe her.  Instead of owing her, I asked if I could right her a check, so that's what I did.  Anne had a delicious meal, and after having only Cheese Curls and a Milky Way for lunch, I was ready for a delicious meal.  We played, and I WON!  I had the most wins, so I got to come home $15 richer than I left home.  (And nope, I didn't tell John.)  At one of the rounds, Pat, Daphne, and I got so tickled that we laughed until we cried.  My sides and my face were hurting so good.  I haven't laughed like that in a long time, and it was definitely needed.  On the way back to our cars, we had to tell Dianne about it, so we ended up laughing just as hard again.  Of course I went to bed almost immediately after I got home.  The high I had from laughing didn't last very long.

Groundhog Weekend

This is our "groundhog weekend."  Since the nursing home paperwork has been started, we probably won't have many more of them.  Oh, of course we'll still go up to Hartselle to visit, but the visits will be much different.  And probably much more difficult, at least in the beginning. I wonder what kinds of questions she'll ask this go round.  Last time she asked me if I was married to John.  I told her that I wasn't.  I just saw him on the side of the road, felt sorry for him, and picked him up.  She looked at me with a funny look before laughing and saying, "You're just kidding around with me."  Luckily she still remembers that I have a weird sense of humor.  (I was NOT that way before I married into the Vest family!  LOL)  The next day we were talking about Katy and Jessi.  She looked at John and asked him if they were his daughters.  Stuff like that breaks my heart.  They have been his daughters for 28 and 26 years respectively, and for her to have to ask for clarification just shows how much her memory is deteriorating.  And then there is the constant asking us on Sunday why we can't stay another day.  When we were there in July, John showed more frustration than he ever has before.

A new bathroom

On Tuesday, we're getting a new bathroom!  Well, not a new bathroom, but it will be new to us.  We had Re-Bath give us an estimate, and we decided it was something we could do.  Even more than that, it is something we NEED to do.  Our home is over 70 years old, and all of the bathroom and kitchen fixtures are original to the house. That means a cast iron tub (and sinks.)  Years ago, we had the tub refinished, but it didn't last, and it looks horrible.  I love taking a nice, long, hot bath, but I cannot tell you the last time I had one because the tub is just yuck!  Soon, I'll be able to once again come home from a long, hard day and soak.  I wish the "new" bathtub would look like the one on the right, but it won't.  It will be a liner over the existing tub and wall surrounds.  The tub will be a biscuit color, and walls will look like travertine.  And yes, this means redoing the rest of the bathroom.  A new sink, a new toilet, new paint...I can't wait.  I LOVE home improvement projects!!

Can you say PICKY??

Without a doubt, I have to have one of the pickiest dogs.  EVER.  Not Ali...no, she'll pretty much eat her food without complaints, even though she has her favorite pieces.  Bama, however, is a different story.  The other day he was making me craaaaazy with his whining.  I was asking if he needed to go potty, go poop, to play...He just kept whining.  Finally I said, "Do you need some food?"  He took off running to the kitchen.  (I swear, he is too smart for his own good!)  Anyway, I went to the kitchen only to find that he still had food in his bowl.  The problem was that it wasn't the pieces he likes.  He likes the little white pieces, the little orangy-colored pieces, and the "peas."  The big red pieces, the small brown pieces, and the fish pieces--fuhgettaboutit.  He ain't eating them unless he is starving and we aren't here to give in to his incessant whining.  He was doing the same thing this afternoon, so I asked if he needed some food.  Like before, he ran to the kitchen, and like before, his bowl was about half full.  Like before, I gave him fresh food.  He ate his favorite pieces and has left the rest.  He also doesn't care for the more expensive dog biscuits.  Milkbone?  He refuses to eat them.  He hides them.  The cheapest store brand we can possibly find?  He eats them like they are the best things ever.  Even though he is uber-picky, he is one of the sweetest puppies in the world, and I don't know what we would do without him or Ali.

I guess that's it for my randomly random ramblings.  I'm about to go crash.  The tests that needed to get graded didn't, but I can work on them in the morning during my planning.  And if I still don't finish, I can work on them this weekend at Billie's.  It always helps me to have something to keep me busy.  The questions over and over don't seem quite so repetitive.

Have a GREAT Friday eve tomorrow!

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Loved this post. I laughed at most of it....even the Groundhog weekend comment...I understand that fully. Cannot believe that John will be 50 this year. WOW!

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