21 August 2010

Family and friends

"Family and Friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches."
Wanda Hope Carter

I had to work the high school jamboree game last night, so we didn't go to the lake.  We asked Lance and Jessi if they had anything going on.  They didn't, so we invited them, Wayne, Kay, Katy, and Sam over/down to cook out.  If you read my post from a few days ago, you know that my house was a total MESS, so that meant cleaning this morning.  We did straighten up Thursday evening, but since I didn't get home until after 8 last night (left home about 6AM..a LONG day!), nothing got down last night.

We got up this morning, went to Bob's for breakfast, and then went to the Pig.  John decided to grill a couple of pork tenderloins and a drunk chicken.  I did potato salad and slaw and corn, and Jess green beans.  Not just ANY green beans.  These were wrapped in bacon and covered with brown sugar and then baked.  DE. LISH. US.  John and I had never had them, but I know I'll be making them in the future.

After we got back from the grocery store, I started cleaning house and John started cutting grass.  I was almost finished when Katy and Sam got here.  I quickly finished up, started the potatoes, and took my shower.  Jessi, Lance, Wayne, and Kay got here about 3.

Sam kept us all entertained.  He has one of the best personalities I've ever seen.  He laughs most all of the time.  He did have one small come-apart though.  His shirt got wet, and he did NOT want Katy to take it off him.  After a few minutes, he was back to his happy, cheerful self.  He is REALLY good at saying Pop Pop and will even say it without being prompted.  Grana...well, we're still working on that.  Once today I asked him who I was.  He said something that sounded like "Shoshie."  Like I've said in the past...I'll be whatever he decides.  He finally conked out about 8:30.  I told Katy I really expected him to just fall over at any minute because he was so tired. 

I'm so glad that John and I are developing a friendship with Wayne and Kay.  I love the way that my mom and dad and John's family have become "family." I see that happening with the Caldwells and the Vests.  That's why I put the quote at the top of this post.  You HAVE to accept the family you're born into.  Even if you turn yourself away from them or they from you, they are still your family.  When friends become family, you accept them because you WANT to.  Those friendships are often very few and far between.

I think I'm about to join Sam in Slumberland.  Have a GREAT Sunday!

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I want the green bean recipe....sounds yummy. I am glad you all had a good time. Glad you made it through the Jamboree too. We ended up having to go to LaGrange to Staples to get a printer cartridge for the church printer so we could do the bulletins. Mary and Bill came up yesterday and we went to Wehadkee Trade days and Newnan to the School Box teacher store...Mary bought two frogs....interesting day...and totally overdid the foot.

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