07 August 2010

It's getting close!

Katy and Sam came down yesterday to spend the night with Jessi and Lance.  They were going to go on to Wayne and Kay's so Sam could swim for a while, but the weather wasn't very cooperative, so Katy called to see if they could just run by here and then we'd all go over to the Caldwell's at the same time.  Naturally, I told her to come on!  John had just gotten home when they got here, so he had a nice surprise.  I didn't call him because I wanted him to be surprised.  :)

At first Sam was too busy with a ball to pay much attention to us, but after a bit he started "showing out" for us.  He is one funny kid!  He is extremely ticklish, so all anybody has to do to make him start giggling is to act like you are going to tickle him.  He would crawl on Katy and start saying "tickletickletickle."  LOL

We got to Wayne and Kay's and had Wayne's delicious grilled chicken for supper.  Oh my!  I love John's chicken, but Wayne's is to die for.  I've told John that if they were in a throw down, I'd have to vote for Wayne's.  hahaha 

After we ate, we were getting Sam to say this and to say that.  It is so funny to hear him say his own name.  He starts out with a Shhhhhh.  And then his little voice goes up for AAAAMMMM.  He has gotten "Jessi" down pretty well.  The "j" sort of has a "sh" sound to it, and there is a "sh" sound at the end (Shesshi) but it is clear that he is talking about Jessi.  He's been saying Pop Pop very well for most all of the summer, but I wasn't even trying with Grana yet.  I knew that one would be a little harder.  BUT last night, he did come out with "Nana" when we were trying to get him to say Grana!!!!  I was so excited!!  Sure, he says "nana" for banana, but hey, I'll take it.  I'll be whoever he wants me to be.  :)

We were talking about names last night.  One of my friends, Rita, is called Lulu by her grandsons.  Nobody knows where Nolan came up with it, but it stuck.  Another of my friends is Momo to one of his grandsons.  He is grandpa to the others, but Teddy started calling Mike Momo.  Again, nobody knew why until he pointed at the TV one day and said "Momo."  His mom looked at the TV and said, "Well, it sure is."  There was a cartoon or something with a King Momo on it, and it looked enough like Mike that Teddy started calling Mike Momo.  Kay said that an aunt (I think) always said, "Hot dog!" about things, so her grandkids called her Hotdog.  I think it is cute when kids come up with their own names...names they relate to that person.  So even though I'd love to be Grana, if Sam sticks with Nana, or even something else, that's fine by me. 

I'm about to go do a Girls' Day with Kristen and Sam...pedis, lunch, some tax-free shopping...a very nice way to spend one of the last "free" days before our babies (yeah, high schoolers are still babies in many ways!) show up on Monday.

Have a GREAT weekend!


danapate said...

cute post. i love those sweet baby names too. claire tagged by dad as "becky" and still to this day he is "becky"...even though I wanted him to be "grampy"...and the boys have named claire "wha wha" and the funny thing is, that they both distictively call her that. When I say no to them, they look for her, run to her and say "uh oh, wha wha"...Glad yall had a nice visit together. Good Luck Monday as we all go back to the "groove and grind" of another school year.


Rita Romine from Radney is called Doozie by her grands, Mary is Me, I am a Nana...and they already had one...so it is weird...they have Nana V. and Nana K. Betty Vardaman is Bee. I love it when children are allowed to pick the names. It was good seeing your guys yesterday. See you Monday morning early! I get to test the ride for real on Monday. Wish me luck.

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