08 May 2009

Three students

Today is the second "unofficial" senior skip day. In my 1st block class I have 3 students out of 31! One of the guys is helping out in the attendance office because the number of check-outs will probably be high. Once those kids who came see that practically no one else is here, they start checking out.

So far, I've seen one guy from my 2nd block class and two from my 4th block class. My 4th block is a junior class, but senior skip day means nothing to them. :)

It's kind of a nasty day to take a skip day if they wanted to get out and "play". It's all gray and gloomy, but that makes it a perfect day to hang out with friends and watch movies. That's what I'd love to be doing. hahahaha

I should be able to get TONS of grading done today--once I get my butt off the computer. LOL I'm ALMOST finished with my 2nd block research papers. If I get myself into gear, I should be completely finished with all of my papers by next Friday. Woo Hoo!!

OK--I'm going to grade. Have a GREAT day!


Anonymous said...

Damn, how come we didn't have official days like that in High School?

Becky said...

Hey Trina;

Thanks for stopping by. Like you, if I would get my booty off the computer I could get alot done this afternoon.

Happy Mother's Day and have a FABULOUS weekend!


It was a sucky day as far as kids being there...and class moving on. I had 6 in 3rd block to begin with....and then I had 3. Why not just declare it a teacher work day?.. I did get a lot of grading and other things done. Thanks for loaning me your cleaning tools.

John Deere Mom said...

Awesome! Hope you got lots done!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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