27 May 2009

A fun day with my best friend

A couple of weeks ago, John had me call Dr. Howard because he had a tooth that was bothering him, and he wanted to see about getting in. They worked him in and filled the tooth, but Dr. Howard said he didn't know if it would work. If it didn't, he told John he'd probably need a root canal. He went ahead and gave him the referral for one just in case. Over the next several days, John's tooth kept bothering him, so he finally called and scheduled the root canal.

We got up early this morning so we could be in Birmingham a little before 9. He got the paper work done, and right at 9 they called him back. Since it was going to take about an hour, I almost left. Good thing I didn't because at 9:15, he was finished. The endodontist (I never did ask John what his name is) felt like a root canal really wasn't necessary right now. He said that probably what happened was that the filling inflamed the root, and that is why John's tooth kept bothering him, but now it has settled. So, for now, no root canal. Yea!!!

Instead of coming straight home, we went to Dick's, Academy, Restoration Hardware, and a few other places. One of the places we went was called Walton's Cabin. They have lots of "cabin-y" kinds of stuff--signs, frames, pictures. I found a cute Smith Lake sign for $24.95, but I think I can recreate it. I'm going to try anyway. :)

For lunch, John wanted to stop at The Fish Market. YUM!! He had jambalaya and a Greek salad, and I got grilled tuna with Greek spices and a Greek salad. It was delish! We don't go there much, but I would say it is probably one of my favorite restaurants.

After we got home, we cleaned up the boat, so it's ready to go. Yea! We are SO ready to take it out for some late afternoon rides.

I love spending time with John. We don't have to be doing anything "important" but every minute is one that I treasure. He really is my best friend. :)

That's it for tonight. Unless something changes, I'm going to get a pedicure tomorrow.

Have a GREAT Thursday!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! I love when Jay and I have days like that. Maybe in a year we'll get to have days like that again! He actually hasn't left yet. He's in WI. The plan, as of now, is that he'll leave on the 31st. With the Army, you never know until it has actually happened. Thank you for putting that on here! It means soooo much to me and I know that Jay will appreciate it too!
Love you!!!!


Sounds like a wonderful day. I wish I could be so lucky and not have to have my root canal. I love having those days with Frank too. I am glad you do too....I think some people think I am weird when I tell them I enjoy days with Frank. Have a good week...and enjoy the pedi.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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