21 May 2009

Senior prank


This is what I saw as I entered my hallway from the stairwell this morning. Actually, I saw it from the other end. This is what I saw AFTER I crawled across all of the desks to get to my class room.

My first thought was "Why in the hell did they empty out the rooms? We still have tests to give today!" As I was climbing across the desks, praying that the tops weren't loose on any of them, I saw Gene, who is the custodian for our hall. He asked me if we had exams today, so I knew then that the desks being in the hall wasn't a "planned" happening. At least not by anyone in administration, faculty, or staff.

As I began the crawl over more desks to get water for coffee, Gene came back upstairs and said that the seniors had done it. They left their mark ("Seniors '09") on the trophy case downstairs. Once the coffee was brewing, I began lugging my 30 desks back into the room. Thank goodness I got here as early as I did this morning (6:10--Why? I have NO clue!) Of course, the custodial staff would have done it for me, but I try my best to be a team player. I look at it like this: if I do my part and THEN some, when I need something done, others will be more likely to help me out.

OK...I need to get busy. This period will be over and my 4th block class will be here for their exam before I know it. I'd really like to get EVERYTHING done today so that tomorrow can be SHORT and SWEET!
Have a GREAT day! Oh, and don't forget to enter my contest. Today is the LAST day! I'll be choosing a winner first thing tomorrow.


Debbie Y. said...

Absolutely love it! What a great day for them, not so much for you teachers, but it is so original. You've got to give them that.

tammy said...

That is hilarious! We never did senior pranks when I was in school. I'm wishing we had!

Trina said...

HAHAH cute!!!

I am so glad DH likes the pump!!!! When it works its great!!

nikkicrumpet said...

I tried to leave a comment a couple of days ago...but I kept getting stupide error things when I visited blogs. Hopefully that is over! That's actually a kind of funny prank. At least they didn't do anything destructive! Have a great memorial day weekend!!! And a wonderful summer off!

John Deere Mom said...

Ha, I love it!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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