15 May 2009

The light is getting brighter

Today was Senior Honor's Day and the official senior skip day, so I have gotten SO much accomplished! Once the honor's day program is over, all of the seniors leave, and many of the juniors do as well. Out of 26 students in my English 11 class, there are 10 here. I have graded all but 15 of my research papers, and they will be finished tomorrow! RELIEF!! Those grades will go in the computer Monday, and that will be it. Ahhhh.....

All that is left is reviewing for exams, giving them, and entering those grades in the computer. I have a few students who are in danger of failing, so I'll talk with them on Monday to make sure they understand that they MUST do well on the exam. I do have two guys who will not pass English 12. Neither of them has put forth much effort at all, and one of them didn't even turn in a research paper. That was a 0 out of 500. When I asked him why, he said, "I just didn't want to do one." Fortunately (???) for him, he is classified as a junior, so he wouldn't have been graduating anyway. I guess he knew he'd have the chance to retake English 12 next year, so it wouldn't matter.

We're not heading to the lake this weekend since it is supposed to rain. Watch it be a GORGEOUS weekend. LOL Maybe I'll have a chance over the weekend to catch up on all my blog reading. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of the air cards for my laptop so that I'll have internet access at the lake over the summer.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Friday evening! I'm planning on making John take me out to eat, and then I'm gonna veg on the couch with my pups. Doesn't that sound nice??

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