18 May 2009

Can you say CA-RA-ZY????

Oh. My. Word! These kids have driven me stark. raving. mad. today. They think that just because exams begin Wednesday, that there is NOTHING to do. True, we aren't doing anything new, but we are reviewing for exams. Lord, you'd think every last one of them is one Ritalin and intentionally didn't take it. They are crazy, I tell you. Crazy! But I love every last one of 'em anyway.

One of my dear friends, Brooke, learned this morning after she got to work that her grandfather in Iowa passed away. She said that he has been going downhill, but his death still was rather unexpected. She thought that she would have a chance to get up to see him once we were out for summer vacation, but she didn't. In addition to that, this is her last week here. Her husband is doing his vet school internship in Atlanta, so they are moving over there. She already has a lot on her plate with the school year coming to an end, packing up their house in Auburn, and moving to Atlanta. Now she has to learn to live her life without someone who is very important to her. She said that her students were very well behaved today, and for that, I am so glad! Even though they might be little snots on days like this, they do pick up on our moods, and they usually respond in the right way.

Be sure to check the next post down for the giveaway! It ends Thursday.

Have a GREAT day!

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