14 May 2009

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

For weeks, rumors have been flying about who was going to be moving to a different school, who might be resigning, and who might be pink slipped. My non-tenured friends have been on pins and needles (to use a very tired cliche.)

A lot of those rumors have been put to rest, but there are still some others out there. First thing this morning, we had an email from our principal saying that he had tendered his resignation and will be taking the principal's job at Valley High School. His job was one of the rumors that had been flying. People were hearing that he was going to one of the elementary schools and that the principal from that school was coming here. Now, we know that at least half of that rumor is not true. Mr. Reyes could still be the principal here next year, but I have heard, unofficially, that he will be the principal at the K-2 school. The principal from that school went to the central office. So, next year will be a new chapter at BRHS. It's always scary to start over with a new boss. Will he/she be as good, better, worse? Of course, we should be pretty used to it. In my 16 years here, this will be my 6th principal. Before you start thinking that we have a problem at our school, please understand that every principal has moved UP, for the most part.

Sam and Kris both got good news. They are non-tenured, but they were told that they will be rehired for next year. Because all 2009-2010 freshmen MUST start out on an advanced diploma, we are having to add a foreign language unit. We did have two Spanish teachers until last year, but that is another story. Sam will be teaching French. She is SO excited! Kristen will be staying in English. We are losing one English teacher to retirement. With proration, I don't know if they will hire a teacher to replace her.

Scott, my across-the-hall neighbor, did not get good news. He and one other math teacher were pink slipped. Another math teacher was hired on an emergency certificate. Since her certification is elementary, she won't be back either. One of the middle school math teachers is supposed to come over here, but that's one of those rumors that is still out there. Well, it may NOT be rumor, but I haven't heard from anyone "official" that she is coming over.

Gene, our job coach, has also been let go. His wife is one of our special education teachers. Gene has spent several years working with our students who are on the Alabama Occupational Diploma. He has given them odd jobs to do to help them get their work hours, carried them to job interviews, and checked on them after they've been hired.

All of this just makes me sick, but that's life in the educational system. I guess people in education do have an advantage, though, because I know of no other occupation that has tenure laws. The sad thing is that there ARE some teachers who receive tenure when they shouldn't.

I've heard that there have been a few other non-renewals, but again I haven't heard someone in an official capacity verify them. I REALLY hate this time of year for this reason, especially when I am close friends with someone who has been let go. It is so hard.

I have several really close friends (and family members) in other systems. I pray that they are not receiving the same bad news that some of my colleagues have received today.

It's about time for 4th block, so I need to run. They are watching the rest of The Crucible.

Have a GREAT day!


nikkicrumpet said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friends and co-workers. It's such a scary time for everyone. I swear every day I go to work I expect to get bad news. Hopefully they all will find employment in another school!


Trini....I am like you...hurting. I hate this time of year with a passion. It is so sad when people move on...if Sharon Blair is moving to elementary....who will be the ESL teacher? Me???? again???? oy ve! I was serious about going to Sam's wedding. I will drive. It is only 13 hours. We can spend the night half way at my cousins in Nashville.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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