20 May 2009

Almost over

One more half day with students, and only one more exam to give. Work day on Friday, and then we're done until August 4th when teachers report for inservice.

When my seniors all left today, I felt sad. Many of them I've known since they were freshmen. It is so funny to look back at the old yearbooks and see how much they have changed and grown over the four years. I love teaching seniors because they are right there on the cusp of adulthood yet they are still just kids. Early in the year, many of them are talking about their plans--where they are going to school, who has filled out applications, and stuff like that. Second semester, they are finding out where they got accepted, who was offered scholarships, who is going with whom to prom...This is a priceless time in their lives. I hope they realize it and take advantage of every opportunity they have!

I feel sick...this is completely off track from what I was writing about, but Kristen and several other non-tenured teachers JUST got called to the office. Oh, please God, DON'T let this be a pink slip notice for her. For ANY of them! Hurry, Kristen! Get back in here with your big, bright smile on your face!!!!!

One of my moms just emailed me to see how her son did. It was so nice to be able to email her back and tell her that he passed. I have two guys who didn't. One just completely blew off this term. He has a 7 for his term average. A 7! HOW in the world does someone get a 7??? Well, actually if you don't do your research paper, that will pretty much take care of it. However, I give tons and tons of chances for students to earn points. The other guy turned stuff in, but he just played around too much and didn't have the grades.

Kristen is back--end of year evaluation was all. Whew! I didn't even think about that.

Grades are done, but I'm doing some straightening up. I've got to put textbooks away AFTER I inventory them. Yuck. Time to turn the volume up on my playlist and get busy.

Have a GREAT day!


Anita said...

I remember the last few days of my senior year and how I felt sad, but giddy about my prospects too! I'll always be so thankful for the teachers that I've had and so many of them have had great influence in my life. Have fun over your summer vacation!


Hey....you made me nervous there for a minute. I was hoping it was just end of the year eval stuff. I am glad to see the end of the year....but I am sad because....it is a time for change...and my cheese has been moved again....and you know I really don't like it when people mess with my cheese. Last year it was the turmoil with Chad leaving that I grieved over for days...this year is Scott. That room is hexed. I am not going to get close to whoever has that room next year. (Remind me in the fall....you know I will forget....and make them my new buddy.) See you over the summer and keep in touch.

Tracy said...

I will make sure I take my camera tomorrow night and take pictures at the antique mall. I wish I had my camera with me yesterday after we got our booths reworked but I had let my daughter borrow it to take to Atlanta this past weekend and I haven't got it back yet. I will get it tonight or tomorrow though and take pictures tomorrow night. :-)

Mariah said...

Summer... I remember being so excited as a kid when school was finally over, now? I dread it

Wolf said...

when i worked at a college, it was always difficult for me when people graduated from my staff. i grow so attached to people that having them leave was tough. part of living/working at a college but difficult all the same. lucky you, only a few more days!

Debbie said...

What a terrible time we live in when we are afraid of good teachers getting pink slips.

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