01 July 2011

Long time no blog

Yeah, I'm still kicking.  When I've had time to blog, I really haven't been in the mood to, and when I've been in the mood, I haven't had time.  The pups and I are just sitting here waiting on John to get home so we can head to the lake for the weekend, so I thought I'd post something.

It's hard to believe that my summer is essentially half way over.  Teachers go back August 8-10 for inservice and professional development days, and the kids start August 11.  I need to do some updating for my classes, but I'm going to enjoy this last long weekend before I start anything.  Well, that isn't exactly true.  I'm taking an online class on using social media in the classroom this summer, and I've been thinking of ways I can incorporate Facebook and maybe Twitter into my courses.  I already use Teacher Tube some, but since I've had more time to play around with it, I've discovered many other uses for it as well.

I have taken two days to go to my classroom and work.  I have always made efforts to get my cleaning and reorganizing done before the end of the year, but it just didn't happen this year.  It's odd that I didn't because I had an intern, so I had more "free" time that I could have gone through material and tossed or revised.  Oh well.  :)  I have probably one more day of work, and I'll have everything--my cabinets, my shelves--back in shape.  One of my former students offered to come help, and I think I'll take her up on it.  With the two of us, it really won't take long.  I have some books I need to move to another bookshelf, and that will free up the shelves under my counter for paper, boxes of markers/glue sticks/scissors/etc. and stuff like that.  I still need to go through all my old tests and see what is what with them.

We're still waiting on Layton's arrival.  Jessi went back to the doctor yesterday, but there was no change.  Layton seems to be pretty content to stay right where he is for now.  She was disappointed because she is so ready to not be pregnant anymore.  We were going to take them to Cock of the Walk for dinner (she said Lance has been wanting to go, and we haven't been in a while ourselves.)  Just about the time we were ready to leave to head to their house, she sent a text and said she just didn't think she could handle going out.  She'd had a busy day with going to the doctor and doing a couple of other odd 'n end things and was swollen.  We still went down (I had a card to give them from Linda and Amy), and John and Lance went to pick up barbecue.  I told her that I'd debated whether to go to the lake this weekend or not, and had she been dilated anymore than she was last week we wouldn't, but since there was no change, and since we can be in Montgomery in just over three hours should she go into labor, we decided to go.  I told her we were going to have to have a party to celebrate her pregnancy because she has made it farther than any of the other Vest girls did.  LOL

Phillip, Katy, and Sam came to the lake last weekend.  I honestly think Sam has duck or fish DNA somewhere.  That kid LOVES the water!  Of course, Katy always has too.  We played around in the lake for a couple of hours, and then we went on a boat ride.  By the time we got back, he'd worked up an appetite.  Phillip couldn't get his cheese sandwich made fast enough.  LOL  I hope they'll be able to come back up once we're not all waiting for "the call" and stay for the weekend.  Katy is scheduled to take a class this month, but it's one of her electives, and she said she just isn't "feeling" it, so she'd probably going to drop it.  Besides, she's got some aunt duties (like spoiling a nephew) to take care of.  :)

I guess that's about it for now.  Hopefully John will be here in a bit.  Other than the food and my laptop, I've gotten everything loaded and gas cans filled, so all we should have to do is put food in the truck and head out.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE 4th of July holiday!

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Let me know what day you are going to work and i will come and maybe we can have lunch. I plan on two days at the school and then getting serious about my mom's house. Eric is needing the space. I have some Administrator duties for my mom's estate that I have to take care of too. I am enjoying the classes. I will have to share the yodio project with you. You will love it. I am glad I am NOT moving.

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