13 July 2011

You know you're too involved in a book when...

You have dreams about it at night.  I did that with the Harry Potter series.  I would even wake up and think to myself, "I'm a muggle."  Yeah...a tad bit too involved, huh?

Well, I'm doing it again.  Katy had to read The Hunger Games for one of her library science classes and told me I needed to read it.  I was browsing on Amazon.com the other day in the Kindle store and saw that they had the trilogy, so I bought it.  I started reading it last Wednesday, but I didn't finish until Monday because I was too busy welcoming Layton to the world.  :)  I mean, some things DO take precedence over anything else, right??

I had some stuff to do around the house Monday, so I didn't get started on book 2 until Monday evening.  Yesterday, I had to run to town, but once I got home, I really got into reading.  Right at midnight, I finished book 2.  And then the dreams began.

Honestly, I have never been so glad to hear John's alarm go off at 4 AM as I was this morning.  I was having the closest thing to a nightmare that I've had in a LONG time.  In the book, the Capitol has created "muttations" (or mutts) to basically show they are powerful.  The muttations have taken form of birds and dogs/wolves which were symbolic of the dead tributes. 

In my dream, the mutts were the walking dead.  Several of my bunco buddies were in the dream with me, and I think we were in a school somewhere.  Wherever we were, everything was a grayish color (which is why I'm pretty sure it was a school.  We have very light gray walls, white tiles, and white ceilings in our classrooms.)  The mutts were coming after us, but when we fought back, whatever we touched fell off the mutts bodies and transformed into a new mutt.  The weird thing is that I wasn't really scared in my dream or after I woke up.  I think I must have been aware the whole time that it was a dream, but like I said, I was never so glad to hear John's alarm, just so I could get away from them.

I haven't started book 3 yet.  I was going to, but I've spent the morning doing a little updating on my "first day of school" stuff.  I have a hair appointment at 2 ('bout time to get this mess cut and colored!!)  I'll take my Kindle with me and get started since there isn't much to do while I wait on the color to do it's job.

I'm glad Katy suggested I read the series because I've really gotten into it.  I may make the first book an optional reading assignment for my students.  If they read it and take a quiz on it, they can earn bonus points. 

Guess I need to go and get a couple of things done before I have to head to AC. 

Have a GREAT day!

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I can't wait to share nightmares with you over coffee. You are so funny. I get so caught up in a book sometimes...I feel as if I really know the people.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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