25 July 2011

Senior orientation

This week we have orientation for our students.  The seniors, being the "big dogs", get Monday.  Teachers who had senior advisements last year were asked to work today.  When the alarm went off at 6:30, I wanted to throw my phone out the window.  What the heck am I gonna want to do on August 11th when it goes off at 5 AM??

It was great to see the other teachers and staff who were working and to catch up with what everyone did over the summer, and it was great to see the seniors.  I'd say that probably 3/4s came through today.  I had a few who I had for English 11 last year who will be in one of my English 12 classes, but there were a few who will have Misty.  :(  Honestly, I would be excited to have any of the students I had for English 11.  One of the students who I had for remediation will have me all year...for assistant and for English 12.  I actually have her as an assistant for both semesters. 

After we finished up for orientation, I had to run over to the central office to get my mug shot...I mean my ID picture...made.  We're going to have to clock in and out this year.  I wonder how many days I'll walk out without swiping out?  Probably more than once. 

I think I'm about to make John go start the brats.  I know what he'll tell me--he just finished mowing grass, so he shouldn't have to.  I wonder if I'll be able to convince him that I am just sooooo tired from getting up two hours earlier than I'm used to??  LOL

EDIT:  I didn't even have to ask...he just went to start the grill.  I love my man!  :)

Have a GREAT day!

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I am up and will be leaving soon for Sophomore Orientation. Groans....I did meet via email the new English teacher in Sam's old room. I invited her to eat lunch with us....if we have the same lunch hour. I will miss first block visiting with you.....but there is still morning coffee. Sigh!

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