19 July 2011

Baby love

I came down to spend the day with Jessi and Layton today.  Lance is working at the fire department, so I came to help her out and to keep my Layton level up.  Can't let it drop too low.  Once school starts back, it will be more difficult to come hang out with them and get my dose of love.  Especially the first couple of weeks when I'm worn out and in bed before it gets good and dark.

After he woke up, I fed him a bottle and then spent about 3 1/2 hours just snuggling him and rocking him.  There is nothing sweeter in the world.  Right now, he's getting some Mommy love.  Watching Jessi with her baby is such a beautiful thing.  She is a great mommy.  Both our girls are.  :)

A new picture for you to enjoy.  :)

Have a GREAT day!

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What an adorable picture. Did you take it? I know you enjoyed your time with him. I was holding one too yesterday. I was holding Ramona's 3 month old Will. I had a blast.

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