31 July 2011

Summer craft project

Not long after school got out, I was looking through a magazine (Flea Market Finds, maybe???) and saw a great project that I knew I could do.  I've said it many times before--I can't come up with cool ideas myself, but I can recreate them with some level of success.  This was one of those I knew I could recreate.

I love jewelry.  I have so many necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from Premier Designs shows, from local artists, or that I've gotten as gifts.  For the longest, I've had my necklaces hanging on a "tree" but I just never loved it, and besides, it made my dresser seem cluttered to me.  This project was the perfect answer!

All I needed was an old frame, some paint, batting, fabric, and some knobs.  We had an old, rather ugly frame that was left in the house when we bought it.  Even though it was on the ugly side, we held on to it because it did have potential.  We just didn't think we wanted to tackle trying to strip off the old paint. 

I went upstairs to get the frame and decided to get busy.  My first step was to decide what color I wanted to paint the frame.  That was difficult, and now that I've finished, I wish I had used a different color, but I'm still happy with the color I chose.  Then I had to get the batting and fabric.  Because I wanted the frame to have a shabby chic look, I went with a plain oatmeal color fabric.  Choosing the knobs was THE most difficult!  Did I want to use all the same color/style?  Did I want to mix and match?  Did I want door knob styles, or did I want drawer pull style?  I spent maybe 45 minutes looking at knobs in Hobby Lobby, but I finally (sort of) made my decisions and got everything together.
So here is the ugly frame.  In the picture, it really doesn't look so bad, but take my word.  It was so bad I wouldn't have wanted to put a picture of my worst enemy in it.  You'll notice that I got drawer pulls and the antique brass hooks.  I couldn't make up my mind, so I got both.  I knew that once the project began to come together, I'd figure it out.  Also notice that I went with a burgundy red for the base coat and then a white crackle coat over that.
I decided to keep the gold, so I had to tape that off.
I kind of wish I had gone with a flat black base coat.  I debated the red or black decision for about 10 minutes in Hobby Lobby, and I finally decided to go with the burgundy red.
After giving the frame a good base coat and letting it dry, I gave it a good coat of crackle paint.  This gives it that shabby chic look.  It was after I got the crackle coat on that I decided I think the black peeping through would have looked better.
The finished project turned out pretty good, I think!  I decided to go with the knobs instead of the antique brass hooks.  I had a blue knob, but I overtightened the nut and broke the knob.  John remembered that we had some white knobs from some other project, so I put it on until I can get back to Hobby Lobby to get a replacement.  I may replace the pink one and the clear one, too.  They don't stick out quite as far as the other ones, so I can't hang as much on them.
The finished project in use!!  I think it turned out pretty good.  The white knob looks kinda small and is "the one that doesn't belong" but it will work until I can replace it.

The next project I want to undertake will be a frame backed with screen so I can hang my hook earrings.  Since school is about to start, though, that project may have to wait.  :)  Whenever we decide to build at the lake, I would love to take an old window frame, replace the panes with screen for my earrings, and then hang that as "art."  It would fit with the rustic style John and I are planning.

This was a fun, easy project that can easily be finished in two or three days.  Well, maybe just a little longer, depending on how long it takes the paint to dry.  If I were trying to paint it now, I'd probably never finish because of the humidity.  ICK!! 

Hope you have a GREAT day!

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I want a copy of these directions. I have a book I want you to check out I bought this ummer. It has some neat easy projects in it. Can't wait to see you next week. I invited the new English teacher, Mrs. Pierce to eat lunch with us.

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