10 July 2011

More Layton pics!

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

The first time John held Layton--his smile lit the entire room.

I love being a Grana!  I could snuggle with my little sweet pea
all day long!

Grandma will spoil him rotten!

This was a "must-capture shot" because my dad usually doesn't hold babies.
He has always said he likes them when they can sit up for themselves.  I
was completely shocked when he said, "Let me see that boy."  Notice the smile
on his face.

I love love LOVE this picture!  Nothing better than
great-grandparents to love a child.

These two are so much alike it's scary.  Good, but scary.  Jessi got
her a man just like her daddy.  And I can tell you that is a good thing!

Have a GREAT day!

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I loved those pictures. Thank you so much for sharing the love of a family with us this morning. I know that is going to be one very loved baby for sure. I can't wait to follow him through you at school.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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