08 February 2009

The wrong Trina was dissed on SITS...

As I was reading the Roll Call this morning, I saw my name. OH MY GOSH!!! Have I started SLEEPBLOGGING????? No. There is ANOTHER Trina who left a comment on SITS. How cool is that? I don't know very many people named Trina! Her Roll Call comment made me sad, though. She said that very few people leave her comments. How 'bout popping over and taking a look-see! From what I've had time to read, I think you'll be amazed by her strength and dedication to her family.

OK...so I know I haven't been sleepblogging. I continue scrolling through the Roll Call to see who else had popped in on this gorgeous, sunny Sunday. I came across this comment:

I LOVE sits! Every single blog I have been led to has been so interesting...and they are ALL so sweet to visit me and leave sweet messages! You girls are the best!

The person who posted this is my hubby's ex (and my stalker, who I'd bet is using Google Reader to keep up with my blog,.) I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she saw the comment by the other Trina. She thought it was my comment, so in an effort to diss me, she made sure she said how sweet ALL of her visitors and comments are. Out of the other 90+ comments in Roll Call, the other Trina was the ONLY one who said anything about not having many people comment on her blog, and then my ex-wife-in-law makes that comment. Coincidence? I don't think so. An effort to boost her ego? I do think so.

Why am I so aggravated by this? I'm aggravated because if the other Trina had read that comment, I'm sure she would have been extremely discouraged. Trina has six children. She has a son with CP/autism/ROP. She has a daughter (adopted, but that's beside the point) who is struggling to learn that she has a family. She hasn't has an easy life herself.

Of course, r/ed wouldn't know this because all she wanted to do was make me feel bad about myself. She saw the name Trina, read the comment, and thought she had a perfect way to rub something in. She doesn't have to tell me (or anyone else) how wonderful her blog friends are--we share some of them. Unfortunately for her, it only made me angry for the other Trina, and therefore, I'm ranting. ARGH!!!

For ANYONE who is offended by this post--deal with it. It will NOT be removed. It will NOT be edited. Leave a smarmy comment if you so desire. And next time you try to make me feel or look bad, how about making sure it is ACTUALLY ME????


♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh...Trina...okay I am off to make the day of the other Trina...you are so awesome for doing a post like this!!!! so sweet!

Do I need to come off the porch with my brrom and handle anything for ya? let me know ;-)

John Deere Mom said...

Well that sucks! Why don't you post a bunch of pictures of you making out with the hubby? That might fix her! ;)

Angela said...

@John Deere Mom, that's hilarious. I like your style.

Trina, I gotch ur back. And I will go over to the other Trina. I love how we all look out for our own here

Julie said...

Geesh, some people thrive on drama don't they (thinking of the ex, of course). Off to visit the other trina too :)

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