01 February 2009

Dinner, Plumbing, and Game Day

Growing up, the one DIY project we did NOT want Dad tackling was plumbing. That would make him cuss like nothing else. (His brother was a sailor. Sometimes I think Cordell might have taught him a word or two. LOL)

Well, John had to tackle a major plumbing project yesterday. I sat, just waiting for the words to fly. After all, that's what I thought plumbing did to a man. :) He did let a word or two fly, but it wasn't anything too bad. The dogs didn't run and hide in fear. I didn't feel the need to stuff cotton in my ears. He did STINK like I don't know what when he finished. I think those clothes will need to be burned.

Actually, he didn't even finish. He had to work on it some more this morning--replacing pipes—but it is DONE. Fortunately, this particular project hasn't affected showering, brushing teeth, or using the potty. The sink in the full bath was clogged, and no amount of Liquid Plumber, Drano, or a snake would take care of it. Galvanized pipes sometimes will do that after 70 years.

We had a FANTASTIC time at dinner last night. Samantha, Scott, Kristen, Brooke, and I all work together, and we all eat lunch at the same time. And like I said earlier, we can be rather inappropriate at times, but it's always fun. J Todd (Sam's boyfriend), Geoff (Brooke's hubby), and John were the "outsiders." I had met Geoff once last year when he came to the school to surprise Brooke on her birthday, and John had met Brooke and Kristen. Kristen had her two-year- old nephew Graham (or Gramlet, as she calls him.) WHAT A DOLL! He and Brooke hit it off right away. Brooke will be a great mommy one day.

Our chef was awesome. He was good at all the "tricks," and he was funny. I've been before when the chefs weren't very fluent in English at all, and the only English they spoke was when they repeated the orders to us. This guy told jokes the whole time.

It's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! I don't watch professional football all that much during the college season. I do get into the pre-season games, just because I'm starved for football, and then once the college season is over, I get back into the pro season. Some people just don't "get" that there ARE women out there who love sports. I know there are some who blog because I've read them. I can promise you one thing—John Vest is quite happy that I'm NOT one of those wives who use Saturdays (or Sundays if it's pro) as an excuse to shop and spend money.

I really don't have a favorite in this game, but I decided to be a Steelers fan. Why? Well, my logic is really quite goofy. I like being goofy, though. :) I chose the Steelers because there are more Bama fans on the Steelers' roster. Tim Castille is the only former Bama player on the Cardinals' roster. He was one of my favorite players during his time in Tuscaloosa, so I do send my apologies for not pulling for the Cards. Of course, Tim will never know about this one fan back home in Alabama and her method for choosing who to be for. LOL

I guess I need to go. Snacks need to be bought for the game. Can't watch a major sporting event without snacks!



Debbie Y. said...

Happy Super Bowl Day. Happy Snacking!

Kirsty said...

I reckon my hubby could teach a sailor a word or two whenever he tackles a DIY project...The kids and I leave the house;-)

Dawn said...

Trina, I wanted to thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I LOVE having new visitors. :)

Glad to hear you like OU. I love college football. Pro not so much.
I really don't care who wins today although I'm one who pulls more for the underdog in these types of games. I more excited about the commercials and all the food! LOL!

Have a great time watching the game! :)

tammy said...

I will be rooting for the Cards since I'm an AZ girl, but this is the only time I really watch football. And as you can tell, I'm also getting caught up on blogging at the same time : )

JB Plumbing said...

As a plumber, my wife doesn't mind if I take on those projects, not on superbowl sunday though!

I love my Crimson Tide!

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