08 February 2009

My babies and my new grandbaby, and CONGRATS to a friend

Yesterday and today have been SUCH gorgeous days! My babies played outside almost all day long both days. I love it when they get to be out in the fresh air. It really wears them out, though.

The first picture is of Ali in her cute little dress I bought her. She really doesn't mind clothes once they are on her and Bama isn't trying to chew them off her. He has NEVER liked wearing clothes, but what boy does? LOL I took this picture last night after their day of play. She was whipped and had snuggled up in Daddy's arms to take a nap.

The picture of Bama was taken just a little earlier. We get so tickled at some of the positions he gets himself into when he sleeps. He is usually stretched out between John's legs with his left hind leg cocked up on John's left leg. When he isn't snoozing like that, he's snuggled up under a blanket with me.

The pictures of them outside are from this afternoon. They were enjoying the sunshine. They LOVE lying in the sun, just like their skin momma. :) I think both of them are gorgeous animals, but Bama has always been so photogenic. Or at least to me. It's hard to tell about Ali because she is rarely ever still long enough to get a decent picture of her.

Today, Jess and Lance brought our new grandbaby over for us to meet. Oh. My. Goodness. He is an absolutely doll! Lance had been looking for a white lab, but they are very difficult to find. Jessi had told me that they'd try to call a man in Alex City who had some listed. I asked who it was, but the only name they had was "John." I didn't think anything else of it. After all, I know about 7 men named John in Alex City. It is a quite common name. (But it is one of my FAVORITE guy names. LOL) Anyway, a few days later, she sent me a text to tell me that they'd talked someone about getting one. She told me his last name, too. I TEACH WITH HIM! I didn't know that he even raised labs. They went to day to get Chipper, and he is gorgeous! He was so sweet and snuggly, too.

Don't you think Chipper looks just like his momma and his daddy? Just a cute as can be. All three of 'em. What is going to be funny is when sweet little 9 lb. Chipper is a sweet 79 lb. big boy still wanting to snuggle in Daddy's lap. :) I'm sure Lance will let him.

I have to give a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to a good friend of mine. Sheryl Gordon is a former teacher and administrator at BRHS. After retirement from education, she continued with the National Guard. Today she was officially promoted to Brigadier General of the Guard. She is the only woman in Alabama to hold this position. Quite an accomplishment! Way to go, Sheryl!

I hope everyone has a GREAT week ahead.


Fragrant Liar said...

Man, I have never seen a white lab. He is gorgeous! I might have to find one now, as I'm on the puppy hunt.

Congrats to your friend. What a fantastic accomplishment.

Denyse said...

So adorable!
Thanks so much for stopping by my place on my special SITS day last week! I was aware of the connection between Mamie and MaryKay. How neat that you got to hear her in person.

Debbie Y. said...

Love the pics of Bama, Ali, and the new edition, Chipper. When Chipper is 79 pounds, he probably will still be a lap baby.

Trina said...

Oh man they are so cute!!!!!

btw what meds is your dh on? has he spoke to his endocrinologist about being on the pump? He will LOVE IT! No more shots!!!

Trina said...

Sounds like the right meds. The pen is great but the pump even better. Yes Thank God for health insurance!!! It is expensive even with it.. I don't know what we would do without it!!

If he is doing carbs 4 to 1 you really should think about the pump. Sounds like he is insulin resistance bc 4/1 is a lot but if he is not counting his carbs as he should that would be why.

I used to have a LOT of trouble counting carbs as well and had to take a lot more then I would of it I counted my carbs.Once he gets used to counting it is really not a biggie deal. Just takes a long time to get used to it.

See if you can find a Carb king book they are AWSOME and make it soooooo much easier!! It even has taco hell( bell) Pizza hut ect ect in it so he just has to look in the book and it tells him how many carbs per item!

Bella@That damn expat said...

Those are some adorable pooches!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Midwest Mommy said...

So cute! I have never seen a white lab before.

Leigh said...

A collective awww! I am such a sucker for pups!
My mom has a rat terrier named Stella and a doberman named Ruby. They are like Mutt and Jeff. Stella is the boss, even thought she is a few years younger that Ruby. Those are great dogs. Very dedicated.

nikkicrumpet said...

There is nothing like a sweet furbaby to make our lives complete. And your two pooches are adorable as can be. And your new grandpooch is the cutest cuddliest thing ever! What a darling puppy!

I love my Crimson Tide!

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