18 February 2009


As soon as school was out yesterday, I walked down to the blood drive area to see how we'd done. When I got to work yesterday, I had only about 15 students to have signed up ahead of time, AND all of our juniors and seniors were in an assembly during first block, so I knew the day had gotten off to a s-l-o-w start. However, once the assembly was over, I was bombarded with kids getting passes. Just before they packed everything up, we'd had 69 people sign in. Granted, not all who sign in are able to give, but I feel like we had a successful drive. Of those 69, if only 60 could give, then 180 lives could be saved. I know that several of the guys did the ALX. It's the machine that separates the plasma (I think) from the red cells and puts the cells (I think) back into the donor. It's a more complicated process than just donating a pint, but it also does more toward saving lives. Because I'm A negative and that's in demand right now, Ashley actually suggested I do it if my iron were high enough. Unfortunately, I didn't have long enough AND my iron was just the teeniest of tiniest bits too low.

When John got home yesterday, he had a UPS notice about his insulin pump. He called for pick-up so we rode to Opelika to pick it up. Now he just has to schedule a time for his training. He also got a new monitor with it that will wirelessly send his results to the pump. In a way, I'd kind of like to go with him for the training, but I guess I can just wait and see what he says. It probably wouldn't be necessary for me to go, but I like being able to get the information firsthand. It isn't that he doesn't tell me stuff--he does--but I always ask him questions that he didn't ask about. I just hope he is able to keep his blood sugar under control now!

I have some copies to make, so I guess I'll go for now.

Have a GREAT day!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your blood drive and I think you should go and learn about the pump. Suppose he forgets to tell you something major. Do it. Go with him so you hear it first hand. I totally back you on this.

Mary Moore said...

Yay for giving blood!!!!

Shay said...

I always wanted to be able to give blood at the blood drives but I couldn't. Back then I didn't weigh enough and I was always anemic with a low iron count. I have AB- blood so I always had people trying to "suck me dry" lol.

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