12 February 2009

The daily routine

I think I've posted before about Ali and Bama's morning routine. John lets them out when he gets up, and then before he gets in the shower, they come back in and snuggle in bed with me. When I get up to shower, they stay in bed, but once they hear John in the kitchen rattling around, they jump up and wait for him to drop a crumb on the floor. (This week, though, they've been snoozing through that.) Anyway, as soon as John starts putting his shirt on, Bama starts "talking" to him. Bama knows that John is about to leave, and he is reminding Daddy that he still needs a biscuit. Ali just sits there wagging her tail.

This morning I had to iron. When I went to the kitchen I noticed that the food bowl was empty, so I stopped and filled it up. Bama came running to eat. John got his shirt on and was ready to give them their biscuits. He got one out to give to Ali since Bama was still chowing down on breakfast. She wouldn't take it. She knows that Bama gets the first one. So John got hers out and gave it to her. She took it but immediately dropped it. She wouldn't pick it up until Bama got his. Once he did, she grabbed hers and ran.

We thought it was really funny because they are SUCH creatures of habit!

Have a GREAT Friday eve!! :-)


tammy said...

That's funny. My dog is a creature of habit too.

Margaret said...

That is funny. Our dogs don't wait to see who gets food first. As soon as its dropped they are going to eat it.

I have a sister named Trina and my mom is a high school English teacher.

Belle's Blog said...

So cute! I know my dogs are the same ..they know when they eat down to the minute! We sure love them! We lost one of our cats a few months ago and he used to knock on the door...I sure miss that! Have a wonderful Thursday! Stacy

Anonymous said...

Our dog passed years ago. but we do have a crazy cat that must have been human in another life. He knows when it's breakfast and dinner time. It's funny how they just know. Like you said, "creatures of habit".

nikkicrumpet said...

It is amazing how much of a habit that dogs do get into. And how grumpy they get when their routine is disturbed. I guess that just goes to prove that we humans are creatures of habit and cause them to be as well.

Tracy said...

Hey there my friend,
Hope you had a good day, tomorrow is Friday so I'm sure you're excited about that. We're excited because Steve gets to come back up here and spend the weekend with us, wooohoooo!
As far as Molly's health and the weather, I really don't know how much that affects her lungs, etc.
I know they do say they have been busy here having lots of CF patients in. I know their immune system is normal but due to the CF the lungs have thick sticky mucus in them and that makes germs/bugs they do pick up stick and harder to get rid of. You know in normal people's lungs we have the little follicles that work like little fingers to push things up out of our lungs well in CF people this little finger like things done work so well. I am not good at explaining things good but maybe you get the idea.
I am just ready for her to get to feeling well, you can just tell she hasn't been like herself for a while now, even after the last hospital stay she still had a rough sounding cough. This time maybe this different meds they're using will do the trick. I sure hope so anyway.

nikkicrumpet said...

steal away my friend...my pictures are your pictures :)

Mary Moore said...

Dogs are the best.

Trina said...

lol thats to funny!!

We are doing ok!! We got hit ( I live in Edmond) and lost our fence and just have a lot to clean up in the yard. So it could of been a lot worse! Was a long long long day!!
How is the weather there?

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh that is just too cute! I love manners.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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