19 February 2009

Do you want to be cute or ugly?

Joe, the speaker we had the other day, did a great job talking to our juniors and seniors. All of the students I've talked to said that they really enjoyed what he had to say and that they got something from it.

In his talk, he gave them a couple of acronyms that I think are fantastic. He asked them if they wanted to be cute or ugly. Of course, most of us will quickly answer that we want to be cute. I mean, who WANTS to be ugly?? After giving them the acronym, they decided that being ugly was, by far, the better thing.

So what do you think? Do you want to be

C - catering
U - unconsciously
T - to
E - everyone

OR, do you want to be

U - understanding
G - God
L - loves
Y - you

Personally, I'll go for ugly.


Debbie said...

Wow. What a difference an acronym makes!


I love this.....and hey....I would rather be ugly any day. I knew there was a reason I never felt cute! LOL

Mary Moore said...

I always knew I was UGLY!

tammy said...

Love it!

Ms. Marty said...

I guess I have been ugly most all my life. I guess I am an UGLY FROG. The acronym for frog is :
F - forever
R - relying
O - on
G - God

Stay warm and have a good day.
Dad and I are going to the Big "O" Gathering in Gardendale tomorrow.

♥georgie♥ said...

Trina I so wanna Rock Ugly!!!!

Frank Fhoughts said...

Even though I am good looking, I would realy like to know I am UGLY. Because I know that God does truly love me. Hi Trina This is Frank Korb

Belle's Blog said...

LOL I read this and was laughing .... I'll take ugly thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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