11 February 2009

Random thoughts...

This post will probably be one of the most random I've ever written. It's just one of those random kinds of days!

Hmm...Let's see. First of all, has this week seemed really long? In senior English, we've just started The Canterbury Tales. Yesterday was notes on Geoffrey Chaucer and some of the background about the Tales. First block seemed to go okay, but during second block, I looked at the clock thinking it HAD to be almost time for the bell. Wrong! We were only about 45 minutes into the period. Huh??? The rest of the day seemed to d-r-a-g.

This morning, one of my girls in first block made a comment about how long the week seemed to be going. The bad thing about TCT is "The Prologue." It is page after page after page of introductions to the pilgrims. I could stand in front of the class for two days and drone on and on, but I don't. Not only would the students be glazed over with boredom, but I would be as well. So, as a class we go over the Knight, the Squire, and the Yeoman so I can show them exactly what I'm looking for in their pilgrim analysis. Then they get into small groups and become the "expert" on a couple of the pilgrims. Tomorrow they will present their pilgrims to the rest of the class.

In my second block class today, one of my guys said that this was the "most boring story" he'd ever read. I told him that the prologue was pretty dry, but I promised him that the tales we will be reading will be much, much more interesting!

It's been a long week, but on the other hand, tomorrow is Thursday, so it's kind of "where has the week gone?" Crazy, I know.

Monday is a professional development day. We have a motivational speaker that morning from 8 until 10:30. The rest of the day will be for us to work in our rooms.

On Tuesday, the juniors and seniors will be involved in an assembly with this same speaker. That means I'll lose part of my first block class. I'm not one of those people who gets all worked up and bent out of shape because my plans were interrupted. Those things happen. I choose to deal with it. Tuesday is also the blood drive that the Junior Civitan sponsors, so I'll be making my donation.

I'm sitting her right now having to type using the one-handed method. Ali wants to be petted, and when she wants to be petted, she will make sure she's getting petted. She tried to get the blanket all fluffed just right bit Bama is lying on part of it.

My extremely talented husband built a table for the hallway. We're calling it the "Sam table" because we have all of our pictures of Sam on it. We've been looking for something similar to a sofa table, but we never could find exactly what we were looking for. John loves woodworking, so he decided to build on. He got most of it done Sunday afternoon. He finished up Monday, and we stained it. Yesterday he got it varnished before I got home (at 5:30 or so.) When I came in today (about 6:15) he had put it in the hall and had the pictures of Sam and the lamp on it. It looks GREAT! Of course, I am just a touch biased because he is my hubby. :) He is seriously good at working with his hands, though.

Bama is off the blanket now and Ali is all snuggled up under it. Bama is sitting on the other end of the couch with his "vulture" look. Think Snoopy sitting on the top of his doghouse. That's kind of how he looks. He's a funny boy.

I think I've probably rambled on enough about completely random stuff. I need to go to facebook and read Kristen's note. I'm so behind on facebook that it isn't even funny! I've been spending the majority of my computer time in the evening doing PowerPoint presentations for my classes. Right now it is horribly time consuming, but once they are all done, it will be wonderful! I'm almost finished with my British Lit. presentations. The first one I actually did last semester was The Canterbury Tales. I had to do some tweaking, but that's no big deal. I still have quite a bit to do with American Lit. 2. Those are a wee bit harder because I don't enjoy that literature as much as I do British lit. It's harder for me to get "into" those presentations.

OK---ENOUGH!!! I HAVE to go read about Kristen's Hamburglar belly. Long story--you just have to know Kristen. She is our comic relief.

Have a GREAT Friday eve tomorrow! (Please overlook any typos. I did spell check, but I'm tired and I'm not proofreading! Even English teachers aren't always perfect. LOL)


Mary Moore said...

You are always perfect in my eyes.

Angela said...

What!!!! English Teachers aren't perfect??? Wait til I tell my kids that one.

superhappy said...

That boy who is bored needs to read the Wife of Bath's tale stat! Hahaha!

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