03 August 2009

Quick hello!

Just here to post a quick HI before I head off to bed. Yeah, it's only 8:30, but I'm tired, and I have to get up early in the morning for the first day of inservice.

I spent a few hours at school today getting copies made and adding info to my wikispaces page. My plan was to go to the school fairly early this morning, BUT today was the day that SEASON TICKETS were delivered, and I did NOT want to miss that! It wouldn't have been a big deal if Mr. UPS Guy did come by because I have to go to the mall in Auburn tomorrow afternoon anyway. A trip to the Opelika UPS office wouldn't have been any extra hassle, but it was worth it to hang around until 10:45.

A couple of years ago, the UPS driver stopped that morning, but I was either at inservice or maybe school had already started. Anyway, just down the street from us is a UPS drop box that he picks up from around 4:30 in the afternoon. He noticed my car was here when he went back by, so he made a special stop just to deliver the tickets. I could have hugged his neck. :)

Back to today--I had to go to Wal-Mart (pure torture) and then Kristen and I had lunch. It was almost 2 before I got to the school. So much for the early start. LOL I did accomplish all that I had planned, but there were a couple of other "if I have time" things I didn't do. And what did I do with my laptop? I left it in my classroom, so those things that I could have done tonight didn't get done. No biggie, though. Since I won't have to spend time Wednesday and Thursday in the teacher sauna, I can work on those things.

A teacher sauna--yes, you read that correctly! We have our very own sauna. What? You thought that money was tight in the educational system? Now, let me set the record straight. Our sauna isn't some fancy schmancy deal, and I know that any other school in the world could have one of its own. All you need is an old room without any central air, one window-unit air conditioner that doesn't work half (3/4s??) of the time, and three copiers that run almost nonstop. Now, it is very important that you keep the one window open, even when it is 90 million degrees outside and the humidity is at 100,000,000%, and you must keep the door closed. We even have a sign that says the sauna is for teachers only. (Laura G, did you do that??) Seriously, it is the one room in the building that I avoid as much as possible. It is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!!!

OK--I've gone on long enough, and I am really, really tired. See y'all later! Have a GREAT Tuesday!


1 comment:

Laura said...

Hahaaa! I swear it wasn't me!! But it's sooo true!! :)

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