16 August 2009

Happy Sunday!

Just a quick post before I go take a nice power nap. :)

The first week of the new school year was great, as I've already mentioned. There was some grumbling by the kids about the new dress code--guys must tuck in shirts and wear their pants no lower than their hipbones, girls must have modest necklines and are no longer allowed to wear spike heels (I think this goes back several years to a girl fight where a spike heel was used as a weapon--yep, she pulled that shoe off in about 2 seconds and nailed the other girl in the head with it)--but they have seemed to accept that the new admin isn't playing games. Several students were sent home because they were not in compliance. They were not given an opportunity to change and go on with their day...they were sent home. The noise level in the halls has been about half what it was. Even though we didn't count tardies last week, there weren't that many students in the halls after the tardy bell rang. As a matter of fact, there were a couple of days during third block when my class was actually back at work BEFORE the tardy bell rang! And after the bell rang on Friday afternoon, Mr. R was playing some rockin' music over the PA system. Loved it!!

Yesterday, Jess, Lance, John, and I went to Jess's old apartment to repaint the living room and foyer area. Long story about that, but we got it done, and I think it looked great. I love the color, too. It may be the color that ends up on our bedroom walls whenever I decide to paint. It just occurred to me that I had planned on taking this summer off in terms of painting. I almost made it. haha I certainly didn't mind, though. The four of us had a good time visiting.

After we got home, I watched my A&E Biography of Ernest Hemingway and made notes so that I can made a video test for my juniors. I was SO excited when the video came in. And I have two more ordered--F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner. I love having these on hand for those days when I might be out unexpectedly. It's an easy day for the sub, and because I make out a test, the students must pay attention.

I guess that's it for today. Nothing special or exciting or entertaining.

Have a GREAT day!


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