20 August 2009

I'm such a BAD bloggy friend!

***Edit: I was right about where John was. He has a new "toy," but if anyone deserves it, it is he! :)***

I haven't been reading blogs much at all lately. Really, I haven't been reading them much for a couple of months now. It isn't that I don't WANT to. It's been TIME! Well, that plus the fact that my wireless internet is STILL wonky from the storm back in July, so I don't have internet access on my laptop. Let me tell ya what...having a wireless laptop is definitely my preferred way of surfing the 'net! For whatever reason, the desktop won't recognize the wireless router, so the laptop isn't getting a signal. SO, if I usually read your blog but I haven't been by lately or left a comment, please forgive me.

Hang on...ONE of these dogs is gassy... BAD! I've GOT to get them outside before I suffocate.

OK...they're out. And they are gonna stay out until I'm fairly certain one or both of them have pooped.

So, it's almost the end of week 2 of the 2009-2010 school year. I still have no complaints. Except for the fact that my feet are still killing me. The older I get, the harder it is to adjust to starting back after the summer. The fact that I'm on a concrete floor all day long doesn't help. And I'm not one of those teachers who can sit behind a podium and teach. I'm constantly walking around the room.

Ah ha! Bama was the stinky party. LOL

I've got some sad news to share. My daughter Jessi's dog Lulu got hit and killed on Monday. It has been a very tough week for her. Anyone who is an animal lover can understand. It hurts me to know that she is hurting.

This will be our weekend in Hartselle. Pray for me to have patience. :) My sis-in-law Tisha called yesterday to give us the heads up that Billie has been turning the heat on because she gets cold. Tim wanted to tell John that he might want to shut the vent in her bedroom. Thinking that might be a VERY good idea!!!

I'm wondering where that wonderful man of mine is. When I got home about 5:30, he had been home but was gone in the truck. I tried to call his cell, but he didn't answer. I'm seriously thinking that he may have gone to look at another truck down in Auburn. When he was pulling the boat up the hill a couple of weeks ago, he almost didn't make it, so he has been tossing around the idea of selling his truck AND the Miata and getting a 4WD. (If you know of anyone who would like a '98 Ford F-150 that is in VERY good condition, let me know! I'll get you a good deal on one. LOL) He found a couple online in Auburn. They had very low miles on them, and neither price was bad. Guess we shall see.

OK--I'm gonna go. I've got some work to do for tomorrow. Have a GREAT Friday and a GREAT weekend!


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