05 August 2009

Busy, busy!

I have been uber-productive today! Everyone at school was. Every time I went anywhere in the building, there were others scurrying around--making copies, locating and moving books, etc. I don't know what is different about this year for me, but rarely have I felt as prepared as I do now. My luck, though, is that I'll walk in on Monday morning, and about the time the students arrive to my classroom, I'll have that "OH NO" moment when I realize that I've forgotten something of major importance. After 16 1/2 years in public education and one year in a private school setting, I think I'd be able to wing it. ;)

My plan for tonight is to get as many of my syllabi for English 12 updated for this term and to put them on my wikispaces page. I know that I'll end up having to tweak them as the term progresses, but if I can get them done tonight and tomorrow, I'll save so much time later. If I can update the English 12 tonight, I can work on English 11 tomorrow.

One thing that I have LOVED about yesterday and today is getting to see everyone again. We always say that we're going to get together for lunch or to go to a movie or something, but we get so busy with stuff that we never do. We've talked, texted, and messaged on Facebook, but it just isn't the same. Talking to Karen about the frustrations of Alzheimer's, laughing at Don's grumpiness, or zinging Kristen for her goofiness is hard to do in a text. LOL

Tomorrow is another work-in-our-rooms day. We do have a meeting about school safety, but other than that, we'll just be getting ready for all those bright, shining faces on Monday. We don't have to go Friday, and I'm not! I wasn't going to go anyway because John took Friday off so we're going to the lake tomorrow, but having everything done will mean that I'll be able to enjoy myself and not worry about all of those little things that I left.

Jess and Lance are going up to the lake Saturday. They've been busy this summer so this is the only time they've been up. Lance has never been to Smith Lake before, so I'm excited about showing him around. Hopefully the weather will be nicer than it was this past weekend.

I need to get busy on those syllabi, so that's it for tonight. I might have time to post tomorrow, but chances are I won't. So, have a GREAT weekend!



Debbie said...

You are busy! I'm tired just reading about it!

nikkicrumpet said...

I don't know how you keep up. And in reading this it seems like you really love your job. Which is very cool. I'm sure the students can tell that too! Good luck with the new year fast approaching!

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