05 April 2010

Busy week

Let's see...in the last week, Jessi has gotten engaged and bought her wedding dress, and IT. IS. GORGEOUS! I've only seen a picture, but I know she will make the dress look a bajillion times better than the model did. (No, I am not biased ONE BIT. I have the most beautiful daughters God put on the face of the earth.) Libby got her man (Jay) home SAFE and SOUND from Iraq. Thank you, God, for keeping him safe and bringing him home to Lib and Landon. (I'm hoping this reunion will result in a new grand-something in the next 9 months. No pressure, guys.) And Katy was accepted to graduate school at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) I knew she would be because not only are my daughters the most beautiful, but they are the smartest as well. I know this will be difficult for Katy because she bleeds orange and blue, through and through, but UA has the library science program, and that is what she wants to get her master's degree in.
John and I spent Saturday at Phillip, Katy, and Sam's so Pop Pop could screen in their back patio. Sam hasn't really started calling up anything yet, but on Saturday, he did start saying Pop Pop. So Poppa John may end up being Pop or Pop Pop. And I think that is perfect. Even though I'd like to be Grana, whatever he calls me will be fine.
Katy just happened to catch this picture, and I think it is PRICELESS! The whole time, Sam was right there "helping" Pop Pop and Daddy (Phillip). John had just knelt to measure for a cut, and Sam imitated him. Fortunately, Katy had her camera handy. John simply adores Sam. Well, we all do.
So...hmmm...that pretty much sums up life here in the Vest world. John should be home soon, and he's grilling chops. Yum.
Have a GREAT Tuesday!

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I love the picture of Sam and Pop Pop. How cute was that. I am so glad Katie had the camera. Grana is a cute name for you. I may use it now....just kidding. Your week sounded awesome...and delighted that Jessie got her dress....Katie was accepted to grad school...and hey...I bled blue and orange...and ended up at Alabama.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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