06 April 2010

Ah, springtime!

While summer gets the nod as my favorite season of the year, spring comes awfully close. I love seeing the trees as they begin to leaf out, and the sweet smell in the air just makes me happy. But...

Yes, there is a but. Pollen. As an allergy sufferer (severe at that), I hate spring because of the pollen. I'm not one of those "oh, my eyes are itching" allergy sufferers. Noooooo...I'm a sneeze-ninety-eight-times-in-a-row-go-through-six-boxes-of-tissue-in-one-day-snot-blowing-itchy-watery-eyes-my-head-feels-like-it's-going-to-explode-leavemealoneIfeellikeshit allergy sufferer. Not to brag, but I have had numerous people tell me that they have never seen anyone with allergies as bad as mine. That isn't to say that somebody, somewhere, isn't as bad or, heaven forbid, worse than I am. God bless 'em if they are!!! ***knocking on wood that I haven't had one of my major attacks so far, but the pollen headaches have started***

This year, the pollen has been horrible, and it's only just beginning. When we came in from church Sunday, my car was dirty. When I went out at 6:30 yesterday morning, it was solid yellow. (Well, maybe not solid...) Anyway, I had to stop to get gas and decided to wash my windows so I could at least see as I drove down the highway. (Might be a good thing. I doubt the insurance would accept the "I couldn't see for the pollen" excuse.) The front window wasn't so bad because I had already used the washer fluid in the car to clean it. The rear window, though, was horrible. I had to rinse the squeegee out a couple of times because the first "washing" didn't do anything except smear pollen all of the place. So yeah, I hate this part of spring. And they say it's only going to get worse. Oh joy. Time to go buy all of the Benadryl within 10 counties.

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LOL....I know what you mean I went and bought two boxes of the stuff yesterday. My eyes itch so bad that I did not even wear mascara yesterday....I could not keep from rubbing my eyes. I feel like there are bees buzzing in my face....and I wanted winter to end because why?.....oh yeah...I remember....flip flops!

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