29 April 2010

Surgery update and other random stuff

John came through his surgery yesterday with flying colors. Dr. Rigsby said that the nerve was pretty constricted, so he thinks John will have some fairly immediate relief. Right now, John is walking around with a huge bandage on his arm. He can take it off Saturday. He'll go back on the 11th to have the stitches removed, and I would guess they'll schedule the next surgery then. I hope they can schedule it for the 21st. That is our senior honor's day, and since I have seniors 1st and 2nd blocks, I wouldn't need a sub. Once the program is over, seniors get to leave for their "official" skip day. I have juniors 4th block, but if they do as juniors have done forever, they'll either skip or check out, so I probably could get by with no sub for that class. Karen said she would watch them for me anyway so I wouldn't have to worry about a sub at all.

My seniors turn in their Dreaded Research Papers (the DRP) tomorrow. Based on what I saw today, I'm not expecting 100%. :( Some of them have worked their little fingers to the bone on this, but their are others who think a 500 point paper can be written over night. Not just written, but written well. If the papers don't meet the requirements (length, formatting, etc.) they students get them back to fix, but there is a 50 point deduction per day until they return it with corrections. That may sound harsh, but returning it and giving them to opportunity to make corrections is a WHOLE lot better than them losing many, many more points for not having it correct.

I love hearing the students who had English first semester telling these guys that they cannot wait around and waste their time. More than once, I've heard, "Y'all better listen to Mrs. Vest. She ain't kidding. This stuff is hard." Yes, they say "ain't" and I correct them. Then they remind me that "ain't" is in the dictionary. Just because it is in the dictionary doesn't make it correct. (But if I'm honest with you...I have to admit to using it myself. It's like I tell my kids...what I REALLY care about is that they know when NOT to use it or any other non-standard English because I don't want them to sound ignorant.)

This is going to be a LAKE WEEKEND!! And it will be one for relaxing! John can't do much with only one hand, so we plan on taking it easy. Since I'll have research papers due tomorrow, I probably will try to get started on them over the weekend. If I can get three or four, that will be good. I'm just glad this isn't one of those times I have to get them back to the kids by Monday.

I guess that's it. The washer just buzzed a few minutes ago, so I need to toss those clothes in the dryer. I'm gonna sit down and watch Fringe, and then it's nighty-night for this tired girl!

Have a GREAT Friday (WOO HOO!!) and an even BETTER weekend!!!

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