17 April 2010

Crocs "R" Us

So...to catch up on the last week and a half. John and I went to Dr. Rigsby on Tuesday of last week with plans to schedule his neck surgery. As Dr. Rigsby and John were talking about the problems John has been having, nothing about John's hands going to sleep/feeling numb/tingling/etc. was coming up, so I mentioned it. Dr. Rigsby slid the stool back and said he thought that the problems John is having might not be caused by his neck.

Whhhhhaaaaattttt????? He thought that a lot of what is going on may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, so he sent John to see a neurologist on Thursday. (All this time, I never knew that a neurosurgeon and the neurologist weren't the same. Silly me...) John saw Dr. Epperson on Thursday to have an EMG. Dr. Epperson told John that it appears he has "significant nerve damage" in both wrists.

So, now John goes BACK to Dr. Rigsby on Tuesday to schedule not one, but two (or maybe even three) surgeries. Dr. Rigsby said that he CAN do both at the same time, but he prefers not to. He said that if John wants to, he will do the worst of the two wrists and the disc fusion at the same time and then do the other wrist later.

Poor John...as we left the office Tuesday, he said, "They're going to cut my throat AND slit my wrists." I hate that he's looking at all this, but he needs relief. I just hope he hasn't let the damage get so bad that it's irreversible. If he has, it's simply because he is STUBBORN and wouldn't go to the doctor six months ago when he realized something was going on that wasn't normal.

After we left the doctor, we rode up to Prattville to go to the Bass Pro. We looked at the pontoons, but unless we win the lottery, we'll just keep looking. (To win the lottery, we'd have to buy tickets first.) If we could sell the fish & ski and find a used pontoon that wouldn't cost more than what we got, we'd probably do that, but that's not really anything we're seriously looking at right now. Too many other things going on...

We did end up buying three pair of Crocs. :) We each got a pair of Croc flip flops (my third pair, his second) and he got a cool pair of khaki-colored slip ons. When I got his first pair, I wasn't sure how he'd like them. He WORE. THEM. OUT. Guess I did a good job after all. LOL (And this makes about 18 pairs of flip flops for me. )

John went to finish the screened porch for Sam. (And Katy and Phillip.) Sam pushed out a section the day after John screened it, but Phillip fixed it. Just days later, he was getting on his slide and fell into it and pushed it out again. Katy said this morning that Sam loves going in and out of the big "hole." I guess by now his hole has been closed up. And Pop Pop was putting up lattice over the bottom part until Sam is a little older and understands he can't push on it.

I would have gone BUT tonight is prom and I want to go see all of my "babies" in their finery. I'm sure most of them will clean up nicely. They are doing prom at the new Harbor Lodge at Children's Harbor. This will be the first time prom hasn't been in the girls' gym in YEARS. I can't wait to see what Annette and the prom committee have done. I'm sure it will be gorgeous. I hope that the fact the it is about 20 minutes out of town doesn't keep kids from going. I'm actually hoping that maybe a change in location will make more of them go.

Even if it hadn't been prom, I would have stayed here to grade note cards. One more weekend of doing nothing but grading, and then the final papers are due on April 30th. Even though I'll have about 78 papers to grade, I won't have to do weekend grading marathons so I can return them the following Monday. As long as they are done by May 28th...

May 28th seems like it's FOREVER away, but these next few weeks will go by quickly. Then it will be a trip to the beach with my "sisters" and then a summer at the lake. :) Ahhh...I love summer!

Gotta get to work on note cards. I've wasted most of the day, but I should get a good stack out of the way before I have to get ready.

Hope your weekend has been GREAT, and I hope the rest of it will be GREAT as well!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I'm sorry to hear that your husband is having such a hard time with the pain. Hopefully he will get some relief after the surgery.

From your other posts your husband sounds like he is normally pretty upbeat. He'll feel so much better when it's done I'm sure.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Your sweet words on my post were appreciated!


Frank was the same way about crocs...I was not sure he would love them as much as I did...but he did. Thanks for the post on John...and if I win the lottery (I have to buy a ticket too) I will get you that pontoon.

Tracy said...

I got a pair of brown and pink croc flip flops last summer, love them! Want to get more. I have also been seeing the croc commercial on tv, I want those really cute slip on crocs, to wear with capri's.
Ohhhhhhhh my oldest daughter got a pair of Yellowbox flip flops last week! You would love them, or you may already have a pair. I had never seen them before. Guess what the name of them is? "The Bear" , they are black and white houndstooth! I want a pair so bad. She said she got her's at Belk.
Also, after going out on friend's pontoon boat over the weekend we know want one. Molly has never liked boats BUT she loved that pontoon boat and wants us to get one.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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